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Visual Six Sigma Book Cover
Visual Six Sigma: Making Data Analysis Lean
by Ian Cox, Marie A. Gaudard et al.


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Compare, Predict and Communicate
Anne Milley, Sr. Director of Analytic Strategy at JMP, uses US crime and breast cancer data to demonstrate how JMP Pro enables data exploration, modeling and communication of results. She also shows how to use map data, the JMP Profiler, bubble plots and Flash output to share data discoveries with others.
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What’s going on with my cell phone bill?
Dick De Veaux, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Williams College, uses texting data from his monthly phone bill to show how to analyze data sets in JMP® Pro where informative data may be missing. Other case studies surrounding clinical trials, water use and population and income data are included.
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WANTED: The Best Predictive Model
Michael Berry, Co-Founder of Data Miners Inc. and Business Intelligence Director at TripAdvisor for Business, uses data from a variety of case studies he conducted as a consultant to show the powerful predictive modeling capabilities of JMP® Pro.

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Michael Berry

The best data miners and modelers rely on intuition as well as expertise. Visual exploration is the best way to develop intuition for what is going on in a data set. JMP Pro provides a highly interactive and visual environment that makes it easy to examine distributions, explore interactions, and spot anomalies before building models, along with an extensive collection of data mining techniques. The visualizations produced by JMP Pro are also very effective for communicating results. By reducing the time to insight, this discovery tool will enhance your ability to compete on analytics.

Michael Berry

Co-Founder, Data Miners Inc.