JMP and SAS present the Innovators' Summit 2008: The knowledge exchange for analytic excellence. September 24-26, 2008 - Sofitel San Francisco Bay
JMP and SAS present the Innovators' Summit 2008: The knowledge exchange for analytic excellence. September 24-26, 2008 - Sofitel San Francisco Bay

Special Events

Pick your Dinner Date

Why wait for Thursday morning’s opening session to start benchmarking? Dine with the expert of your choice Wednesday evening, Sept. 24, at the Innovators’ Summit Welcome Dinner. You can choose to sit with a guest VIP or one of several summit speakers – simply pick your dinner date when you register. The 7 p.m. dinner is complimentary. We hope you’ll plan to arrive in time to take part. Your dinner date options are…

Richard Antcliff

There’s water on Mars. Who knew? Maybe Richard Antcliff did. He is, after all, Chief Technologist at Langley Research Center, NASA. Richard will be one of our opening session panelists as well as one of our dinner dates. During the panel, he’ll talk about creating an atmosphere of innovation. But at dinner, maybe we can get him talking about Martians?

Mike Cramer

No, you won’t be having Big Macs for dinner. But you can sit with a big shot from McDonald’s. In our book, Mike Cramer’s about as big as you can get at McDonald’s – except for Ronald McDonald himself, of course. As Director of Operations Research for Worldwide Restaurant Innovation, Mike leads decision support for operations at 34,000 restaurants in 118 global markets. He has some juicy stories to tell about some of their most innovative and fun discoveries.

Richard De Veaux

If you want to dine with Richard (Dick) De Veaux, you’ll want to put on your data mining hat and pull out your magic globe. That’s because this professor of mathematics and statistics is likely to steer the conversation to predictive analytics. You’ll be planning experiments, exploring patterns and predicting outcomes – perhaps all before the main course is served. Maybe your table will successfully predict what we’ll have for dessert!

Stephen Few

With two dozen years of experience as an innovator, consultant and educator in the fields of business intelligence and information design, Stephen Few is uniquely qualified to talk about data visualization. He’s not a fan of gratuitous 3-D, but Stephen loves visualization when it’s done right. In fact, he says, it will change the way we do business.

Strong Huang

Strong Huang believes in achieving excellence in quality by combining advanced scientific knowledge and systematic statistical methods. Strong has solved complex problems hands-on within many different industries including biotechnology, medical device, semiconductor, disc drive, petrochemical refining and power generation industries, resulting in key intangible benefits and more than $2.5 billion in tangible profits. A VIP dinner date, Strong loves talking shop and sharing strategies for solving critical problems. He is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt for Worldwide Six Sigma Program Implementation at Beckman Coulter.

Stuart Hunter

It would take many pages to describe Stuart Hunter’s accomplishments and to list his accolades. Suffice it to say that, as a pioneer of real-life applications of statistics, Dr. Hunter’s name is synonymous with innovation in analytics.

Avinash Kaushik

Our own Web 2.0 enthusiasts may try to get to the Summit early to sit next to this dinner date. Avinash Kaushik is the Analytics Evangelist for Google. And several of us are regular readers of the highly rated Web analytics blog Occam’s Razor. The pressure’s on Avinash to be as entertaining in person as he is in his blog and in his recently released book, Web Analytics: An Hour a Day.

John Sall

John Sall keeps a low profile to be a co-founder of a corporation as large as SAS. But when you get him talking about JMP or statistical theory or innovative applications of analytics, he gets on a roll. And he keeps on going. Join John to see where the conversation goes.

Sam Savage

Harry Markowitz, Nobel laureate in economics, has called one of Sam Savage’s books "a must read.” In our book, Sam is a must-meet. If you sit at Sam’s table, conversations are likely to focus on the “Flaw of Averages,” the idea that plans based on average conditions are wrong on average. Sam may even tell the story about the statistician who drowned fording a river with an average depth of three feet.

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