Discovery Summit 2010. Exploring data. Inspiring innovation. SAS World Headquarters, Cary NC, September 13-16.

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Conference Keynote
We cheat. We disregard nutrition labels. We let short-term emotions affect long-term business decisions. Why? Because we are predictably irrational. Dan Ariely explains these tendencies and more at Discovery Summit.

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Analytics Anyone?

You are invited to Discovery Summit 2010, an interactive forum where theories will be challenged, best practices benchmarked and innovative concepts born. Formerly held as two events, Discovery and the Innovators’ Summit, this conference strives to:

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  • Facilitate the exchange of best practices among JMP users from all industries.
  • Provide a forum for JMP users and JMP developers to learn from each other.
  • Teach proven statistical techniques.

During this knowledge exchange, world-renowned authorities in statistics, technology and innovation lead the exploration of broad analytic concepts. More specifically, JMP users share how they have used this statistical discovery software from SAS to solve real problems.

Audio Previews of Discovery Summit 2010 Breakout Sessions

We’ve had a chance to talk to some of our speakers about their Discovery Summit presentations. Listen to what they have to say.

Building Energy Modeling

Daniel Arneman of UNC-Chapel Hill on simple weather-based models for visually predicting building energy consumption.

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Elements of Good Graphs

Steve Figard of Abbott Labs on preventing misdirection by following “The Ten Commandments of Good Scientific Graphs.”

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Interpreting Consumer Data

Brent Ginn of JM Smucker Co. on how he makes consumer product decisions with highly visual, custom statistical analyses.

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Attendees who are just beginning to make statistical discoveries with JMP will leave motivated to interact with their data to see patterns and understand trends. Experienced users will leave with techniques that enable them to implement strategy more efficiently. And all participants will leave with new ideas for spreading analytic excellence across their organizations.

Please mark your calendar for a week of exploring data and inspiring innovation. More event and registration details to come!