Discovery Summit 2010. Exploring data. Inspiring innovation. SAS World Headquarters, Cary NC, September 13-16.

Go Mobile at Discovery Summit 2010

iPhone AppJMP is proud to partner with Gather Digital to create a complimentary mobile app for attendees of Discovery Summit 2010.

Using the app, attendees will be able to access information about the event from the convenience of their mobile devices. Conference registrants will receive e-mails from both Gather Digital and JMP about the mobile app and its features.

Here’s more about the app and how it can enhance your conference experience:

Who is Gather Digital?

Gather Digital is a company based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, that builds mobile solutions for conferences and other events so that attendees can access event information in the palm of their hands on their mobile phones.

What does the app do?

The app contains all of the information you would find in a conference program – and more! You’ll see dates, times and locations of all events, speeches and presentations at Discovery Summit. You’ll be able to create a custom agenda. You’ll get paper abstracts, live Twitter updates, links to relevant Web resources and real-time messages to attendees. You’ll find information on transportation to and from events, as well as contact information for the conference organizer.

What kinds of mobile devices does the app work on?

Users of the iPhone will be able to download the iPhone app from the iTunes store. Users of other smartphones, like BlackBerry and Android, can view the Discovery Summit mobile website.