Discovery Summit 2010. Exploring data. Inspiring innovation. SAS World Headquarters, Cary NC, September 13-16.


World-class analytic exchange. An exceptional value.

Your goal is to leave Discovery Summit 2010 equipped to explore your own data on a whole new level, ready to implement strategy more efficiently, and inspired to spread analytic excellence across your organization. Our goal is to provide a full agenda that helps you achieve just that – without draining your bank account.

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Corporate Individual Rate: $500

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Discount Program Qualifications  

Corporate Colleague Discount*

Any individuals who register with a colleague who pays full price.


JMP or SAS Users Group Member Discount

Current members of registered users groups.


Government, Professor and Student Discount

Government employees registering with a government e-mail address; full-time professors and students registering with a school-affiliated e-mail address.


* The Corporate Colleague Discount is available only at the time of registration and cannot be credited to an individual retroactively. Registrants are free to sign up at the reduced price of $250 at any time after a colleague from the same corporation has registered at full price. Example: John Doe of High Five Manufacturing registers for $500; Jane Alpha, Jeff Beta and Jim Gamma, also High Five employees, register at $250 each.

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