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Salary Structure Optimization Using JMP® Scripting

Thor D. Osborn, Principal Engineer, Sandia National Laboratories
Yvonne A. Baros, Distinguished Compensation Analyst, Sandia National Laboratories

Sometimes, Opinion Not Only Counts, It's All You Have

Noah Wass, Design Engineer, Cascade Dafo
Stephen W. Czupryna, Consultant, ObDOE

Statistical Approaches to Analyzing a Large, Multi-Treatment, Time Course Study of Metal Pellets Implanted into Mouse Muscle

Wenjun Bao, Chief Scientist and R&D Manager, JMP Life Sciences, SAS
Russell D. Wolfinger, Director of Scientific Discovery and Genomics, JMP Life Sciences, SAS
Tzu-Ming Chu, Principal Research Statistician, JMP Life Sciences, SAS
Edward Perkins, Senior Research Scientist, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Desmond I. Bannon, Toxicologist, US Army Public Health Command, Institute of Public Health

Case Study: Achieving Product and Process Understanding by Execution of Design of Experiments in a Quality by Design Approach in Developing a Generic Topical Product

Michael Fowler, Principal Process Engineer, Actavis Inc.

Modeling Wine Quality

Abhinav S. Reddy Nakka, Student, Oklahoma State University
Musthan Kader Ibrahim Meeran Mohideen, Student, Oklahoma State University

Predicting the Next Best Seller

Anuashka Sharma, Student, Oklahoma State University
Prateek Khare, Student, Oklahoma State University

Database Analytics Tool for Sales and Marketing Using Scripting and GUI Display Application of JMP® 10 and DB Connection Application of Oracle 11g

Ashutosh Sharma, Senior Business Analyst, Cypress Semiconductor

Predicting the Risk Level of the Vehicle for Customers’ Auto Insurance Using JMP® Pro 10

Dinesh Yadav Gaddam, Student, Oklahoma State University
Musthan Kader Ibrahim Meeran Mohideen, Student, Oklahoma State University

Comparing Model Performances Using JMP® Pro 10: Predicting Whether a Customer Would Subscribe to a Term Deposit When Contacted for a Bank Direct Marketing Campaign

Dinesh Yadav Gaddam; Krishna Reddy Gade, Students, Oklahoma State University

An Approach to Analysis and Prediction of Portfolio Budget Variances Using JMP®

Prakash Shrivastava, Adjunct Faculty, School of Business Administration, Oakland University, MI

Profiling and Predicting the Potential Buyers of an Insurance Product Using JMP® Pro 10

Gaurav Pathak, Student, Oklahoma State University
Mantosh Sarkar, Student, Oklahoma State University

Understanding Residential Electricity Usage Using JMP®

Jie Feng, Analyst, Central Electric Power Cooperative

We Can Model That! Challenges in Modeling Grade-School Teacher Effectiveness

Elizabeth N. Dewey, Senior Research Analyst and Statistician, Dynamic Measurement Group
Roland H. Good III, President and Associate Director of Research and Development, Dynamic Measurement Group

Wind Power Forecasting: Using JMP® Time Series Analysis for Hourly Prediction of Power Generation

Srinivas Reddy Busi Reddy, Graduate Student, Oklahoma State University
Srikar Rayabaram, Graduate Student, Oklahoma State University

Using JMP® to Evaluate the Phytotoxicity of Disinfecting Washes to Control Spread of Sudden Oak Death on Camellia Plants

Ned Jones, Principal Statistician, 1-alpha Solutions
Craig Ramsey, Plant Scientist, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, US Department of Agriculture
Heather Hammack, Horticulturist, Graduate Student, Colorado State University

Modeling TMPH Performance of Off-Road Tires

Leighton Spadone, Chief Technical Officer, Eurotire, and President, DAAS Inc.

Identifying Patient Characteristics Toward Reducing Hospital Readmissions: Propensity Score Matching Using JMP® Pro

Pradeep Podila, PhD Student and Decision Support Data Specialist, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare
Daniel A. Clark, Corporate Director, Clinical Decision Support, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare
George E. Relyea, Research Professor in Biostatistics, School of Public Health, University of Memphis

Truly Efficient Reviews for Clinical Trials

Richard C. Zink, Principal Research Statistician Developer, JMP Life Sciences, SAS

Help on Help

Sheila Loring, JMP Technical Writer;
Robert Perry, JMP Technical Writer, SAS Institute, Inc.

Checking Accounts Matter: Improving Customer Profitability at a Community Bank

Adam P. Smith, Marketing Research Analyst, Canandaigua National Bank & Trust

Visualizing Data with Street Map Service in JMP®

John Ponte, Principal Software Developer, JMP Division, SAS

Tackling Life’s Biological Complexity with JMP®

Kevin Vedvik, Senior Staff Scientist, Life Technologies Corporation
Michael Hobbs, Staff Scientist, Life Technologies Corporation
Rica Bruinsma, Scientist III, Life Technologies Corporation
Cordes Cooper, Scientist III, Life Technologies Corporation

Exploring Measurement System Analysis Sample Size and the Power to Detect Production Process Shifts

Laura Lancaster, Senior Research Statistician, JMP Division, SAS
Chris Gotwalt, Senior Research Statistician Developer and Director of Research and Development, JMP Division, SAS

A Collision of Worlds: Visualizing Relationships Between Wildlife and Aircraft Using JMP® Software

Rosemary Lucas, Development Tester, JMP Division, SAS
Kyoko Keener, Development Tester, JMP Division, SAS

Crime Occurrence Analysis in Chicago City

Sai Krishna Vithal Lolla, Student, Oklahoma State University
Jiawen Liu, Student, Oklahoma State University

Efficient Analysis of Particle Size Distributions with JMP® Non-Linear Models

Rob Lievense, Statistician, Perrigo Company
Carlos Paz, Senior Director Formula Development, Perrigo Company
Raj Thota, Associate Director Formula Development, Perrigo Company
Jack Irwin, Associate Director Formula Development, Perrigo Company

Using JMP® Data Visualization to Teach a Teachable Moment:  A Case Study

Steve Figard, Director of Cancer Research, Bob Jones University

Friendlier Skies

Jeanette Elliott, Aeronautical/Systems Engineer, Advanced Development Programs (Skunk Works®), Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Using JMP® to Perform Bayesian Calculations

David Tanaka, MD, Duke University Medical Center

Forensic Analysis of Professional Medical Charges

David Tanaka, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Duke University Medical Center

MES, SPC and Test Data Integration to Engineering DB with Query and Analysis by JMP®: Two Cases

Michael Clayton, Factory Systems Data Integration for JMP Analysis, Clayton Consulting

Property Mapping of Polymer Blends: An Application of I-Optimal DOE in JMP®

Joe N. Hockman, Senior Research Statistician, DuPont

Improving Quality Reliability Metrics

Vincent Kane, Principal Engineer, Tellabs

Product and Process Development of a Sterile Liposome Formulation Using DOE Studies

Hari R. Desu, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN
Laura A. Thoma, Associate Professor, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN
George C. Wood, Professor Emeritus, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN