Innovators Gathered at Grand Hyatt Tokyo


“Statistics are going to make us so strong,” said Tadashi Mitsui of Toshiba Corporation at Discovery Summit Japan on Nov. 7, 2014. As long as you use JMP, you are getting the best from statistics, he told approximately 150 statistical innovators during a keynote address at the first Discovery Summit held outside the United States.  

Takaya Kojima from Waseda University; John Sall, SAS Executive Vice President and co-founder; and SAS Principal Research Fellow Bradley Jones also gave keynote presentations.

Like all of the JMP-sponsored Discovery Summits, the Japan event conveyed the universal themes of excellence in data exploration, the innovative uses of analytics, and the need for analytics to be more widely accessible across organizations.

Kyoko Takenaka, Senior Manager of the JMP Japan Technical Group, prepares the computers for the “Ask the Expert” sessions.

Noriki Inoue, Senior Director of Sales for JMP Japan, welcomes 150-some JMP users to the first JMP Discovery Summit outside of the United States.

John Sall gives the first Discovery Summit Japan keynote, covering strategies for analyzing tall and wide data.

Takaya Kojima of Waseda University told conference attendees to go to the JMP website to download data to play with.

Toshiba Corporation’s Tadashi Mitsui told attendees that as long as they have JMP, they are getting the best from statistics.

As SAS Principal Research Fellow Bradley Jones talks definitive screening designs, one screen shows English content and the other Japanese.

JMP Japan Systems Engineers helped staff the “Ask the Experts” stations where attendees talked with the people behind the software.

Prof Toshiro HAGA, statistical author and retired professor from Tokyo University of Science, is one of the first JMP users in Japan. He talked about his excitement at first seeing JMP, and he offered a toast to honor JMP in its 25th anniversary.
Grand Hyatt Hotel

Discovery Summit Tokyo
November 7th, 2014
Grand Hyatt Tokyo
6-10-3 Roppongi Minato-ku
Tokyo 106-0032