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Jonah Berger

Photograph © Deborah Feingold

Conference Keynote: Jonah Berger

Author, Contagious: Why Things Catch On

Jonah Berger, PhD, is the James G. Campbell Associate Professor of Marketing at The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. For the past decade, he has studied social influence and social epidemics: in other words, how products, ideas and behaviors become popular. The author of best-selling Contagious: Why Things Catch On, Berger examines how decision making and social dynamics generate collective outcomes such as social contagion and trends.

Through powerful storytelling, he reveals the science behind word of mouth and addresses how six basic principles – social currency, triggers, emotions, public, practical value and stories – drive all sorts of things to become contagious, from products and policy initiatives to workplace rumors and YouTube videos. With insights grounded in rigorous research and the best contemporary psychology and behavioral science, Berger provides a set of specific techniques for crafting viral content that organizations can put to use, whether they are selling a product or nurturing a new corporate culture.

Berger has published dozens of articles in top-tier academic journals like Journal of Consumer Research and Marketing Science. Popular accounts of his work have appeared in places like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review and Wired. His research has also been featured in The New York Times Magazine's annual “Year in Ideas” issue.

Jonah Berger

David J. Hand

Senior Research Investigator and Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, Imperial College, London

David Hand, PhD, is Chief Scientific Advisor to Winton Capital Management in addition to his post at Imperial College in London. He is a Fellow of the British Academy and a recipient of the Guy Medal of the Royal Statistical Society. He has served two terms as president of the Royal Statistical Society and is on the board of the UK Statistics Authority. He has published 300 scientific papers and 26 books, including Principles of Data Mining, Information Generation, and Measurement Theory and Practice. His new book, The Improbability Principle, uses statistics to explain the commonplace nature of extraordinary events. He has broad research interests in areas including classification, data mining, anomaly detection, and the foundations of statistics. His applications interests include psychology, physics and the retail credit industry; he and his research group won the 2012 Credit Collections and Risk Award for Contributions to the Credit Industry. He was appointed to the Order of the British Empire for services to research and innovation in 2013.

John Sall

John Sall

Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, SAS

John Sall is a co-founder and Executive Vice President of SAS, the world's leading business analytics software vendor. Sall also leads the JMP business division, which creates easy-to-use graphically interactive statistical software designed for scientists and engineers.

Sall joined Jim Goodnight and two others in 1976 to establish SAS. He designed, developed and documented many of the earliest analytical procedures for Base SAS® software and was the initial author of SAS/ETS® software and SAS/IML®. He also led the R&D effort that produced SAS/OR®, SAS/QC® and Version 6 of Base SAS.

In the late 1980s, Sall noticed a niche that SAS software was not filling. Researchers and engineers – whose jobs didn't revolve solely around statistical analysis – needed an easy-to-use and affordable statistics program. A new software product, today known as JMP®, was launched in 1989 to dynamically link statistical analysis with the graphical capabilities of Macintosh computers. Now running on Windows and Macintosh, JMP continues to play an important role in modeling processes across industries as a desktop and in-memory data analysis tool. It also provides a visual interface to SAS in such solutions as JMP Clinical, JMP Genomics, SAS Visual Data Discovery and SAS Risk Dimensions. Sall remains the lead architect for JMP.

Sall was elected a Fellow of the American Statistical Association in 1998. He serves on the board of World Wildlife Fund and was a member of the board of The Nature Conservancy from 2002 to 2011, reflecting his strong interest in international conservation and environmental issues. He also serves on the advisory board of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. He is a member of the North Carolina State University (NCSU) Board of Trustees. In 1997, Sall and his wife, Ginger, contributed to the founding of Cary Academy, an independent college preparatory day school for students in grades 6 through 12.

Sall received a bachelor's degree in history from Beloit College in Beloit, WI, and a master's degree in economics from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL. He studied graduate-level statistics at NCSU, which awarded him an honorary doctorate in 2003.

Michael Schrage

Michael Schrage

Research Fellow, MIT Sloan School of Management, Center for Digital Business

Michael Schrage is one of the world’s most provocative thought leaders on innovation. He has redefined how we think about innovation by focusing on customer acceptance of new products and services as an integral part of the process. Schrage also has pioneered techniques for using rapid prototyping, simulations and modeling to improve return on innovation investment. Schrage lectures and consults on these themes at several MIT executive education programs, overseas business schools and corporate workshops worldwide, showing audiences how to become more innovative and control costs without jeopardizing either their internal culture or their business model.

Schrage is the author of Serious Play: How the World’s Best Companies Simulate to Innovate and Shared Minds: The New Technologies of Collaboration. His recent Harvard Business Review e-book, Who Do You Want Your Customers to Become? is a management best-seller on Amazon.

A research fellow at the MIT Sloan School’s Center for Digital Business, Schrage is a columnist for Harvard Business Review, Fortune, CIO magazine and MIT’s Technology Review, and is widely published in the business press. He is a regular contributor to The Conference Board Review. He is also a senior adviser to MIT’s Security Studies Program and consults with the US government on national security systems innovation.

Breakout Speakers

Melvin Alexander, Operations Research Analyst, Social Security Administration

Melvin Alexander is an Operations Research Analyst with the Social Security Administration, where he uses SAS software to ensure proper payments go to eligible beneficiaries. He has presented numerous papers at JMP Users Group meetings. He co-chairs the Mid-Atlantic JMP Users Group (MAJUG). He earned a master’s degree in biostatistics from the University of North Carolina. He is an American Statistical Association member, an American Society for Quality (ASQ) Fellow and Certified Quality Engineer.

Mark Anawis, Principal Quality Engineer, Abbott Laboratories

Mark Anawis is a Principal Scientist in the Diagnostic Division of Abbott. He provides statistical, specification and programming support. He offers statistical training on request and serves as Vice President of the Great Lakes JMP Users Group. He received the Senior Scientist of the Year Award in 2006. He has worked in R&D, technical support, analytical quality assurance and quality engineering. He holds three patents in the areas of allergen chemistry and component stabilization.

Paul E. Anderson, PhD, Consultant, AXES LLC

Paul Anderson holds a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Muhlenberg College and a PhD in physical chemistry from Northeastern University. He was hired as the lead chemist on the SAFIRE project based on his years of experience applying DOE to experimental work at the US Army Research Development and Command (ARDEC) Picatinny Arsenal. For the SAFIRE project, his responsibilities include materials characterization, experimental design and statistical analysis of the numerous plasma diagnostic tools. While his use of DOE is of value to his family’s garden and other aspects of home life, his wife is suspect for its use to "optimize" her excellent baking.

Daniel Arneman, PhD, Energy Analyst, PlotWatt

Daniel Arneman is an Energy Analyst at, where he works with a team of developers to "disaggregate" smart-meter data into actionable insights for residential and commercial customers.

Wenjun Bao, PhD, JMP Life Sciences Chief Scientist and R&D Manager, SAS

Wenjun Bao is a Chief Scientist and R&D Manager for the JMP Life Sciences development team. Before joining SAS, she was a faculty member at Duke University. She has diverse research experiences in life sciences. Bao serves as a grant reviewing committee member for NIH and a research adviser for academic and government scientists, and participates in genomics consortiums. She has multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Clay Barker, PhD, JMP Research Statistician, SAS

Clay Barker is a research statistician developer in the JMP group at SAS. He has contributed to a variety of statistical platforms in JMP, including Generalized Regression, Fit Curve and Clustering. Barker earned his doctorate in statistics from North Carolina State University.

Brady Brady, JMP Enablement Engineer, SAS

Brady Brady is an Enablement Engineer for JMP, a business unit of SAS that specializes in desktop software for dynamic data visualization and analysis. He provides applied technical and product management support for JMP sales and marketing efforts throughout the United States. Before joining JMP, Brady worked for Intel as a process control statistician. A former naval officer and an alumnus of the US Naval Academy, Brady also has more than 10 years of experience as a professor of mathematics and statistics at the college and preparatory school levels. He holds graduate degrees in computer science and statistics.

Jason Brinkley, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, East Carolina University

Jason Brinkley is a faculty member at East Carolina University, where he teaches biostatistics and serves as a consultant across the entire university. In addition, he has consulted for the North Carolina Public Health Foundation, the University of Miami Institute for Human Genomics, SAS and others. Brinkley balances research time between theoretical ways to assess the impact of medical interventions on public health and the best practices for using software to teach statistical methods.

Philip Brown, Senior Application Developer, Predictum Inc.

Philip Brown is a Senior Applications Developer at Predictum with more than 10 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Many of Brown’s development projects at Predictum involve integrating JMP into larger analytical systems. Previously, he has worked in areas of device, test and reliability engineering at Motorola, and later developed several engineering applications based on JMP at Intel. At Predictum, his recent development projects include supplier quality in semiconductor, process simulation in the service industry, and leading a major project in chemical R&D. He has almost 14 years of experience using JSL and is an expert in the language. He also has experience with other languages including Visual Basic, C# and SAS. Brown holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and master’s degree in electrical/materials engineering. He also member of Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu.

Robert Carver, PhD, Professor, Stonehill College and Brandeis University

Robert Carver teaches analytically oriented courses to not-always-analytically minded business undergraduates at Stonehill College (MA) and MBA candidates at the International Business School at Brandeis University. He is also a SAS Press author and has been teaching with JMP for five years.

Don Clancy, Scientific Investigator, GlaxoSmithKline

Don Clancy is a BS/MS chemical engineer with 20 years of experience developing mechanistic and empirical models to better understand and optimize production lines, and to better understand a product under development. For the past nine years, Clancy has worked for GlaxoSmithKline on a variety of teams, and has been responsible for facilitating process understanding, Quality by Design (QbD), process control, PAT, and development of process models for GSK’s late-stage pharmaceuticals.

Karen Copeland, PhD, Statistician, Boulder Statistics

Karen Copeland is an applied statistician with nearly 20 years of experience applying statistical methods in a variety of industries, including chemical, medical device and diagnostics, marketing, and food products. She held academic and industrial positions before becoming an independent consultant. Copeland first used JMP (version 2) while teaching at Macalester College and has been using JMP ever since. She earned her master’s degree and PhD in mathematical sciences from Clemson University and her bachelor’s degree from St. Olaf College.

Michael Crotty, PhD, JMP Research Statistician, SAS

Michael Crotty is a research statistician tester in the JMP group at SAS. He has tested a variety of statistical areas of JMP, including Generalized Regression and most of the Reliability platforms. Crotty earned his doctorate in statistics from North Carolina State University.

Stephen Czupryna, Consultant and Instructor, Objective Experiments

Stephen W. Czupryna is a Consultant and Instructor with Objective Experiments in Bellingham, WA. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and an AS in laser electro-optics, and is a Pyzdek Institute-certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. He also has a Level I Thermography certificate from The Snell Group with acknowledged competency in both electrical and mechanical IR testing.

Pradipta Kumar Das, Process Development Engineer, Medtronic

Pradipta Kumar Das has been with Medtronic since 2010. He has worked as a Process Development Engineer for the last seven years and had the opportunity to apply various statistical tools at work. He has a Master of Science in mechanical engineering from SUNY Buffalo.

Chris DeRienzo, MD, Chief Patient Safety Officer, Mission Health System

Chris DeRienzo completed both his MD and master’s in public policy at Duke University in 2008. Previously a Fellow at Duke in neonatalogy, he is now Chief Patient Safety Officer for Mission Health System in Asheville, NC. A national-level leader in neonatal patient safety and quality improvement, DeRienzo spends his clinical, administrative, and research time focused on preventing harm and improving outcomes.

Matthew Flynn, PhD, Director and Head of Machine Learning, Aetna

Matt Flynn has been a SAS hacker for many years. Recently he has become an enthusiastic JMP scripter as well. He is excited about the potential uses of the combination of SAS and R code and JMP scripts. With three years as a SAS financial services business unit employee, he is back to happily doing what he does best – building analytic models, currently for Aetna’s marketing analytics team. At previous Discovery Summits, Flynn has presented Visual Exploration of Market Basket Analysis or Association Rules With JMP and JMP Scripting for SAS and R.

Gerald L. Fish, President, Experistats

Jerry Fish is owner and President of Experistats. He is a trained Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and gained many years of experience in statistics and DOE while working for Caterpillar Tractor, Cummins Engine, GE Aircraft Engines and Lexmark International. He has 16 years of experience in acoustics and vibrations R&D laboratories,  as well as 17 years as an applied statistician and R&D engineer in a product development environment.

Paul Fogel, PhD, Consultant, National Institute of Statistical Sciences

Paul Fogel is a statistical consultant in Paris. He has a recent paper in The American Statistician on non-negative matrix factorization.

Xan Gregg, JMP Director of Research and Development, SAS

Xan Gregg leads data visualization development at JMP. He created the Graph Builder feature introduced in JMP 8 and continues to be its principal developer. Gregg contributes to the JMP Blog, participates in the online JMP Community and often speaks at customer events like the JMP Discovery Summit. In 2006, he won first place in the Business Intelligence Network’s Data Visualization Competition. Gregg holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Clemson University.

Jason Gu, Engineer, Genentech

Jason Gu joined Genentech in July 2009 as an engineer in the Process Validation and Monitoring Platforms group. During this time he developed numerous tools using JMP, SQL, PI, VBA, and SharePoint that enabled other engineers within the department to access and visualize process data more readily. He holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemical engineering from University of California, Davis.

Erich Gundlach, JMP Systems Engineer, SAS

Erich Gundlach is the Systems Engineer for the US Midwest region for JMP, a business unit of SAS. Before joining JMP, Gundlach worked for 13 years as an analytical chemist in the pharmaceutical industry, where he held positions in both quality control and R&D. He earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Bowling Green State University and a master’s degree in chemistry from Ohio State. He completed graduate coursework in statistics at Purdue.

Laura Higgins, PhD, JMP Systems Engineer, SAS

Laura Higgins is a JMP Systems Engineer. Before joining SAS in 2008, Higgins worked as an ontology engineer for Ingenuity Systems, makers of IPA genomic analysis software. Previously, she was in basic research in biology for 15 years. She has used JMP for research, most recently   at NASA Ames Research Center with genomic analysis. Higgins’ statistical background includes multivariate statistics, genomic data analysis, and experimental design for quantitative genetic and genomic experiments. Higgins received her PhD in biology from the University of Texas at Austin, where she investigated population genetic questions. She earned a Bachelor of Science in biology from Purdue University.

Sarah Holder, Senior Market Research Analyst, Duke Energy

Sarah Holder has been an analyst with Duke Energy for six years. She worked closely with SAS to implement predictive modeling best practices. She has a Bachelor of Science in statistics from North Carolina State University.

Roy Huff, Vice President, Snell Group

Roy Huff is Vice President of The Snell Group. He teaches and consults in a wide range of infrared and electric motor testing subjects. Huff holds a BSEE from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a Level III Thermal/Infrared certificate from ASNT. He is certified by SMRP as a Certified Reliability Maintenance Professional and holds Level III IRT NAS410 certification. He has presented at P/PM National Symposium, Thermosense, Thermal Solutions, EPRI, SMRP and other conferences.

Cheryl E. Johnson, Vice President and Market Information Consultant, Bank of America

Cheryl Johnson lives in Charlotte, NC, and joined Bank of America in 2009 as an Operations Research Analyst in Technology and Operations. She has recently transitioned into a new role at the bank in Small Business Analytics as a Market Information Consultant. Johnson holds a Master of Science in applied statistics from Rochester Institute of Technology. She is an enthusiastic JMP user and has participated in the last several JMP Discovery Summits, presenting a poster in 2012 and a paper in 2013.

Bradley Jones, PhD, JMP Principal Research Fellow, SAS

Bradley Jones is the Principal Research Fellow in the JMP division of SAS, where he is responsible for the development of new methods in design of experiments (DOE). He built the JMP Custom Designer, a general and powerful tool for generating optimal experimental designs. He holds a patent on the use of DOE for minimizing registration errors in the manufacture of laminated circuit boards and is the inventor of the prediction profile plot for interactive exploration of multiple input and output response surfaces. He has won several awards for his published work in statistics and design of experiments. He is the editor of the Journal of Quality Technology.

William D. Kappele, President, Objective Experiments

Bill Kappele is President of Objective Experiments. He is responsible for course delivery and development. 

Don Kent, Senior Product Engineer, IM Flash Technologies

Don Kent is a Senior Product Engineer with IMFlash, a semiconductor joint venture between Intel and Micron. He has 13 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, working at both Intel and IM Flash. He currently focuses on automated analysis, visualization and data mining to improve product yield and reliability.

Julie Kidd, Materials Engineer, US Synthetic

Julie Kidd is a materials engineer at US Synthetic. Her specialties are ceramic and composite systems and materials characterization, including forensic metallurgy and failure analysis. She is currently developing improved synthetic diamonds for the oil and gas industry.

Anish Koppula, Senior Statistical Marketing Analyst, Starcom MediaVest Group

Anish Koppula is a Senior Statistical Marketing Analyst at Starcom MediaVest Group. He has been instrumental in building SMG’s custom advanced analytics solutions, like PathFinder and OptiTree, with proven success for major SMG brands. His areas of expertise include audience segmentation and digital attribution, with current research focused on programmatic buying. He has a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from Oklahoma State University with a graduate data mining certificate from Spears School of Business.

Emily Lada, PhD, Senior Operations Research Specialist, Advanced Analytics Division, SAS

Emily Lada is a Senior Operations Research Specialist in the Advanced Analytics Division at SAS. She is responsible for providing subject-matter expertise to assist in the definition, design and validation of required software features for SAS Simulation Studio. She also assists the SAS/OR Center of Excellence with discrete-event simulation consulting projects. She has an MS and a PhD in operations research from North Carolina State University.

Wayne J. Levin, President, Predictum Inc.

For almost three decades Wayne Levin has worked with a variety of management, engineering and technical staff to improve their operations by way of applied statistical methods. He founded Predictum Inc. with a goal of improving client operations and accelerating research through consulting and training on the use of analytical methods and developing analytical systems to support these efforts. Levin has been a certified JMP instructor for 17 years. He graduated from the University of Toronto in industrial engineering and obtained a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Chris Liebold, PhD, Scientist, The J.M. Smucker Company

Chris Liebold is a scientist at The J.M. Smucker Company working in the Analytical and Formulation group in the Peanut Butter R&D division. Prior to his current role, he worked for more than three years in the company’s Coffee R&D division in the Coffee Analytical lab. He received his PhD in food science and Master of Science in chemistry from the University of Kentucky. Liebold is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Akron.

Peter Liu, CRM Analytics, Sony PlayStation

Peter Liu is a marketing analytics practitioner, leading CRM Analytics at Sony PlayStation for customer acquisitions and gamer engagement. Prior to PlayStation, Peter drove data/marketing insights at Cisco and Yahoo! for over 10 years. Liu received a Master of Science in economics from Purdue University and had education training in business and engineering in China.

Mary Loveless, JMP Systems Engineer, SAS

Mary Loveless is a Systems Engineer for JMP, a business unit of SAS that specializes in data visualization software. She supports sales and customer development in the Northeast region of the US. Loveless has more than 25 years of experience in the computer software industry. She frequently presents at seminars, webcasts and users group meetings, and she writes for the JMP Blog. Prior to joining JMP, she worked in the medical and life sciences industry in the Boston area. She has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Northeastern University.

Joan Maney, Statistician, Raytheon

Joan Maney is a statistician at Raytheon. Maney has more than 25 years of teaching and consulting experience in applied statistics, including DOE, SPC, sampling, regression analysis and gage studies. She has a bachelor’s degree in statistics from University of Central Florida and a Master of Science in statistics from University of Texas at Dallas.

Don McCormack, JMP Enablement Engineer, SAS

Don McCormack is an Enablement Engineer for JMP, a business unit of SAS that specializes in desktop software for dynamic data visualization and analysis. A practicing statistician for nearly 20 years, McCormack came to JMP from Amgen, one of the world’s largest biotechnology companies, where he was a senior quality engineer. Earlier, he worked at SEMATECH, a semiconductor research and development consortium, where he was a Member of the Technical Staff. He has a strong interest in applied statistics, design of experiments and training delivery in an industrial setting.

Patricia Dianne McNeill, Head of Research Fermentation, Alder Biopharmaceuticals

Patricia McNeill is Head of Research Fermentation at Alder Biopharmaceuticals and is responsible for helping to advance Alder's Mab Xpress technology for producing therapeutic antibodies in yeast.

Phil Meanor, Senior Manager, Advanced Analytics Division, SAS

Phil Meanor joined SAS in 1992 and is a Senior Manager in the Advanced Analytics Division with responsibility for the development of the SAS Simulation Studio product. While at SAS he has worked in the areas of discrete event simulation, network simulation, network visualization and analysis, and graph drawing. He received an MA in statistics from the Pennsylvania State University in 1979 and subsequently worked for AT&T Bell Laboratories in New Jersey.

Hyde Miller, Senior Manager, Yield Enhancement and Fab/Foundry Process Optimization, Intersil Corp.

Hyde Miller has over 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry in a variety of roles, including product engineering, product and test engineering management, developing new integrated circuits, and supporting volume production on them. Currently he is leading a team responsible for process integration of semiconductor fabrication technologies produced in an internal fab in Florida. He is also responsible for process optimization of foundry silicon from several fabs in America and Asia. Miller leads a team responsible for yield optimization of all products in production. He has been an avid JMP user since 2007, and was an inaugural member of the JMP Customer Advisory Board. Miller has a BSEE from Lehigh University.

John Mills, Lead Analyst, Duke Energy

John Mills joined Carolina Power & Light, now part of Duke Energy, in 1986 to evaluate the cost effectiveness of energy efficiency programs. At Duke Energy, he is responsible for the development of analytical tools and databases for the company's various units. Mills has also worked in the areas of business development, marketing planning, profitability analysis, forecasting and marketing research. His academic training is in economics and mathematics.

Joseph Morgan, JMP Senior Software Developer, SAS

Joseph Morgan is a software developer in the JMP division of SAS. Before joining SAS, he was a full-time faculty member in the school of computer science at DePaul University, where he taught computer science, software engineering and data analysis classes. His research interests include combinatorial design methods, software reliability and empirical software engineering. His publications have appeared in IEEE Transactions on Reliability, International Journal of Reliability, Quality and Safety Engineering and several conference proceedings.

Catherine Hosage Norman, PhD, President and Founder, Module 3 Solutions

Catherine Hosage Norman founded Module 3 Solutions to produce a desktop application to create eStability messages, in addition to consulting on LIMS and stability data. She participates in the HL7 Stability Standard Group and developed the stability style sheet for the FDA. Previously, she held several senior technical management roles in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries. Her career started in GIS, where her work at DEC, DG and Computervision cultivated a deep appreciation for the conception, design and development of software products for data visualization, data analysis and database management.

George Otto, Quantitative Ecologist, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

George Otto is a Quantitative Ecologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in environmental engineering sciences from the University of Florida. Otto has worked in private environmental consulting and now works in the public sector with the FWC. He came to the FWC to follow his passion and to focus on ecological science. His experience includes coastal, environmental, marine and water resources engineering, wetland delineation, environmental resource permitting, mitigation, restoration and environmental assessments.

Martin Owen, Quality by Design Development Leader, GlaxoSmithKline

Martin Owen is a scientist with GlaxoSmithKline and is passionate about promoting data-driven decision making. Martin leads collaboration between a multidisciplinary GlaxoSmithKline team and David Burnham and Dave Woods’ experimental design group at the University of Southampton. A key part of this work is to understand how these modeling and visualization techniques can be used effectively both alone and in combination. He is an active member of the JMP UK Users Group.

Andrew Parker, Applied Statistician, Boeing Co.

Andrew Parker has been with Boeing Co. for six years. Currently with the Joint Supply Cost Models team in Everett, WA, his current assignment is to be a statistical consultant for Supplier Management Finance and work as a statistical modeler. Parker is completing his master’s in applied statistics from Colorado State University, and has completed a BS in mathematics and economics from the University of Puget Sound.

Damien Perret, PhD, Research and Development Scientists, French Atomic Energy Commission

Damien Perret is a research and development scientist at the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) where he works on glass formulations for high-level nuclear waste conditioning. In this field, Perret develops and applies statistical methods for designing mixture experiments, developing property-composition predictive models and analyzing big data. Prior to joining the CEA, Perret worked on photoresist materials for advanced microlithography applications as a scientist at Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials. In 2003, he received a PhD in materials science, studying acoustic and mechanical properties of oxide and metallic glasses.

José Ramírez, PhD, Statistical Engineer, Amgen

José G. Ramírez is part of the Global Quality Engineering group at Amgen. Before joining Amgen, Ramírez was responsible for promoting business intelligence through innovative analytical applications at W.L. Gore and Associates, makers of Gore-Tex® and other innovative products. A JMP user for more than 20 years, he has worked closely with associates to help them make sense of data, and through collaborative education, helped promote statistical thinking and JMP usage. His book, Analyzing and Interpreting Continuous Data Using JMP: A Step-by-Step Guide, written with his wife Brenda Ramírez, won the 2010 Award of Excellence in the Society for Technical Communications International Technical Publications Competition.

Philip J. Ramsey, PhD, Owner, North Haven Group and Professor, University of New Hampshire

Philip J. Ramsey is the owner of the North Haven Group, a firm offering full-service statistical training and consulting in all levels of Six Sigma, as well as comprehensive training in design of experiments and predictive analytics. Ramsey is also a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of New Hampshire. He has held the following relevant industrial positions: senior engineer for materials and processes development at McDonnell Douglas; staff scientist/statistician at Alcoa; and statistician/senior engineer at Rohm & Haas Electronic Materials. Ramsey has been a JMP user since 1990.  

David Rose, PhD, Analytics Consultant, SAS Marlow UK

David Rose is an Analytics Consultant at SAS in the United Kingdom. He has worked previously as a consultant statistician and statistical programmer in the R&D divisions of the both the pharmaceutical and food and drinks industries. Prior to his current job he was the senior statistician at a consumer research agency with a specialist interest in the application of sensory analysis as an aid to product optimization.

John Salmon, PhD, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University

John Salmon is an assistant professor in the Mechanical Engineering department at Brigham Young University. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering at the University of Calgary and Utah State University, respectively. He then attended the Georgia Institute of Technology and received master’s and PhD degrees in aerospace engineering.

Heather Schaefer, Materials Engineer, US Synthetic

Heather Schaefer is a materials engineer at US Synthetic. Her specialties are cast and pressed energetic materials with an emphasis on infrared decoy flare development. She is currently developing improved synthetic diamonds for the oil and gas industry.

Dan Schikore, PhD, JMP Principal Software Developer, SAS

Dan Schikore is a JMP developer specializing in graphics and interfaces. He has more than 15 years of experience developing graphics software, having worked for Computational Engineering International and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory before joining SAS. He holds a PhD in computer science from Purdue University.

Jeff Schutte, PhD, Research Engineer, Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory, Georgia Tech

Jeff Schutte is a research engineer at ASDL. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Louisville and his PhD in aerospace engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. During his studies at Georgia Tech, he was a lead developer of the Environmental Design Space (EDS) developed for the FAA, which included his thesis work on multipoint engine cycle design.

Trent Searle, Student Engineer, US Synthetic

Trent Searle is a student engineer at US Synthetic. He is currently pursuing a mechanical engineering degree at the University of Utah with an emphasis in material science. He is currently working in process engineering, using design of experiments regularly in new process development and qualification.

Tony Shockey, Services Manager, Fluke

Tony Shockey is Fluke’s Thermography Services Manager for the Americas. He comes from industry and has a background in instrumentation, automation and process control from Bellingham Technical College, as well as Infrared Level II ASNT-compliant training. As a subject matter expert at Fluke for seven years, he’s presented worldwide on these subjects, performed extensive training to channel partners and key end users, and continues to be back-line technical support for Fluke.

Leighton R. Spadone, President, DAAS Inc.

Leighton Spadone has 48 years of tire technology experience. He specialized in tire material science, tire compounding, rubber processing, tire curing and quality assurance. He is an experienced JMP and SAS programmer and applied statistician. Previously he had a career in tire development as an applied statistician at Goodyear R&D. He is currently the Chief Technical Officer for Eurotire Inc. and President of DAAS Inc., a tire materials technology and applied statistical consulting company.

Jeff Stagg, MEU Statistics Manager, Mondelēz International

Jeff Stagg is a Principal Scientist at Mondelēz International. He has had a series of diverse assignments for RD&Q and is now heading a section of the Global Statistics Group responsible for Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia and New Zealand. Stagg has used SAS software for over 20 years to champion statistical application, develop robust tools/calculators for other users, and establish and align best practices.

Mia Stephens, JMP Academic Ambassador, SAS

Mia Stephens is an Academic Ambassador with JMP, a division of SAS. She is a principal technical advocate for JMP in the academic markets, responsible for supporting new and existing JMP academic users. Prior to joining SAS, Stephens was an adjunct professor of statistics at University of New Hampshire, a founding member of the North Haven Group and a trainer and consultant with the George Group. A co-author of two books, Visual Six Sigma and JMP Start Statistics, 5th Edition, she has worked with a variety of industries and with the federal government, developing training materials, teaching, and consulting in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing environments. Stephens holds a master’s degree in statistics from the University of New Hampshire.

David Tanaka, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Duke University Medical Center

David Tanaka is a Professor of Pediatrics in the Duke School of Medicine. Tanaka has been involved in a number of multidisciplinary projects involving process change within clinical operations and hospital/professional reimbursements, patient safety and resident education. Current research involves the use of medical databases to drive transformational change through the identification, tracking and modification of current medical practice and resource utilization.

David Trindade, PhD, Fellow and Chief Officer of Best Practices, Bloom Energy

David Trindade is Fellow and Chief Officer of Best Practices at Bloom Energy. His interests are: reliability, DOE, SPC, statistical analysis and modeling. He is an adjunct lecturer at Santa Clara University and co-author of the popular book Applied Reliability, Third Edition (2012). In 2008 he received the IEEE Reliability Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award. This year he has been honored as a new Fellow of the American Statistical Association. Trindade has a bachelor’s degree in physics, master’s degrees in statistics and material sciences, and a PhD in mechanical engineering and statistics.

Kevin True, Senior Quality Engineer, Abbott Laboratories

Kevin True is a Senior R&D Quality Engineer at Abbott (Diagnostics Division) in the R&D QE Data Management group. He graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a BS in biology. He recently became an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer. With only a couple years of JMP experience, he is quickly learning and applying the power of JSL.

Daniel Valente, PhD, JMP Product Manager, SAS

Daniel Valente is a Product Manager in the JMP business unit of SAS. Before joining SAS in 2012, he completed an NIH postdoctoral fellowship at the Boys Town National Research Hospital. Valente holds a PhD in architectural sciences from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is a longtime JMP user.

Casey Volino, Engineering Associate and Senior Statistician, Corning Inc.

Casey Volino is an Engineering Associate and Senior Statistician who has worked with Corning Inc. since 1993 in the areas of product development and process improvement. Volino has an MS in applied and mathematical statistics from Rochester Institute of Technology. He is a senior member of the American Society for Quality and a member of the American Statistical Association. He currently uses SAS and JMP Pro 11.

Peter Wiebe, PhD, Principal Quality Engineer, Abbott Laboratories

Peter Wiebe is a scientist, programmer, database designer and quality engineer. He received his doctorate in molecular physiology and biophysics from Vanderbilt University, and has received several awards for leading analytics development in research and development at Abbott Laboratories. He often claims that given enough time, he could write a JMP application to do his laundry.

S. Stanley Young, PhD, Assistant Director of Bioinformatics, National Institute of Statistical Sciences

Stan Young worked at Eli Lilly and GlaxoSmithKline on all aspects of drug discovery. He has over 60 papers, six of which won best paper awards. He is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Richard C. Zink, PhD, JMP Principal Research Statistician Developer, SAS

Richard C. Zink was a biostatistician in the pharmaceutical industry before becoming a Principal Research Statistician Developer with the JMP Life Sciences group. He is currently the Statistics Section Editor for Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science, and holds a PhD in biostatistics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is author of the book Risk-Based Monitoring and Fraud Detection in Clinical Trials Using JMP and SAS