February, 2003

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New JSL Script Library on JMP Website

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Dow Meets Goals A Year Early Using JMP for Six Sigma
JMP Partners With Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc.
Regression Using JMP Coming in March 2003
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Cover Story: New JSL Script Library on JMP Website


The JMP Scripting Language (JSL) allows JMP users to program JMP to repeat analyses, write custom programs to manipulate data in complex ways (including full matrix algebra support), and even extend JMP's graphical and analytical capabilities.

JMP is pleased to announce that we have now added a JMP Script Library to our website. These custom scripts have been written by SAS and expert JMP users. Click on each link to view the full description, view the data requirements, and to download the script.

These scripts have largely been written to demonstrate the capabilities of JMP scripting. As the JMP Script Library grows, we will continue to add more scripts designed to address specific functions.

JSL Scripting Example  



Dow Meets Goals A Year Early Using JMP for Six Sigma

Dow is a leading science and technology
company that provides innovative chemical,
plastic and agricultural products and
services to a wide range of markets,
including food, transportation, health
and medicine, personal and home care,
and building and construction, among
others. Augmenting the company’s
commitment to deliver environmentally
safe quality products that help customers
lead better lives, Dow utilizes JMP®
software to continually strive for process
improvement and exceed the expectations
of its customers. READ MORE

JMP Partners with Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc.

JMP, A Business Unit of SAS, announces its partnership with Texas-based consulting firm Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc. (SBTI) at the American Society for Quality Six Sigma® conference in Palm Springs, CA, January 27-28, 2003. The relationship provides a Six Sigma training curriculum that integrates the core functionality of JMP®, a statistical analysis software tool that dynamically links statistics and graphs, and enables users to visually explore data, make discoveries and gain knowledge for better decision making. Six Sigma is a business process improvement methodology that is proven to reduce waste, prevent defects, streamline processes and increase financial performance in all operations. READ MORE

Regression Using JMP Coming in March 2003

Filled with examples, Regression Using JMP introduces you to the basics of regression analysis using JMP software. You will learn how to perform regression analyses using a wide variety of models including linear and nonlinear models. Taking a tutorial approach, the authors cover the customary Fit Y by X and Fit Model platforms, as well as the new features and capabilities of JMP Version 5. Output is covered in helpful detail. READ MORE

You may also read an interview with author Lee Creighton. READ MORE

Enroll in JMP Training & Save 20%

The JMP Training Advantage Program offers qualified customers a 20 percent discount on up to six days of JMP on-site training -- a $2,940 savings. Customers in the United States licensing $10,000 or more of JMP® software are eligible to participate in this special JMP Training program.

For more details, see the JMP Training page at www.jmp.com. There you can view a complete list of courses available and download the Training Advantage Program guidelines and enrollment form.

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Time is Running Out: Upgrade Your StatView to JMP Today!

From now until March 31, 2003, you can upgrade to JMP Version 5 from ANY version of StatView for the standard JMP upgrade price of $395 USD (corporate customers) and $195 USD (academic customers). StatView users who wish to purchase five or more copies of JMP should inquire with JMP Sales about a Group Annual License.

Quick Tip: Top 15 New JMP Version 5 Features

Are you looking for better ways to interactively and visually explore relationships in your data? Charles E. Shipp and Kirk Paul Lafler have prepared a list of reasons for trying JMP 5, The Statistical Discovery Software product from SAS.

Shipp says, "JMP is a software product containing comprehensive statistical tools and is designed for serious data discovery projects. Speed and ease of use are only part of the reasons why you'll want to try the latest version." READ MORE

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