August, 2003

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Cover Story: JMP for Linux Is Almost Here!


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JMP Wins 2003 Readers’ Choice Award for Data Analysis

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Honeywell International – Aerospace Division

JMP Client-Server Configuration for Windows

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New JSL Script Available in the JMP Script Library

JMP Tip: View Notes When Opening a JMP Data Table


Cover Story: JMP for Linux Is Almost Here!


You can see the JMP for Linux Beta at LinuxWorld West, August 4-7, in San Francisco, CA. This is our last tradeshow presentation before the release.

JMP, a business unit of SAS, is pleased to announce the launch of a Linux version of its statistical analysis software in Fall 2003. Currently available for both Windows XP and MacOS X, JMP software provides capabilities for all types of users to make quicker, data driven decisions that go straight to the bottom line. JMP provides companies with instantaneous insight and a common language for data analysis. The result is improved communication and quicker decision-making, which leads to discovery and innovation. READ MORE

Download the new Linux one-
sheet brochure for an overview
and specs on the product.




Honeywell International – Aerospace Division

JMP Scripting Language (JSL) and Design of Experiments (DOE) help Honeywell save time and produce highly reliable devices

Since 1995, the Design Engineering department of Defense and Space Electronic Systems (DSES), part of Honeywell’s Aerospace Division, has utilized the rich feature set of JMP to meet and exceed productivity goals. This unit is the world’s premier supplier of sensors for commercial and military aircraft, spacecraft, locomotives, and oil well navigation.

Precision sensors, such as thermal switches and accelerometers, control temperatures and track the movement of high value equipment (i.e. satellite applications, international space station, spacecraft, etc.). Accelerometers enable navigation in aircraft while thermal switches perform auto de-icing of aircraft wings, for example. For each of these vital instruments, JMP helps Honeywell optimize the design of the device for increased product efficiency. READ MORE

JMP Client-Server Configuration for Windows

JMP provides your organization with the best desktop data analysis and exploration solution in the market. As part of this solution, JMP strives to provide you with deployment options that meet your organizational needs.

One option available to JMP users on Windows is the client-server configuration. You may want to consider this deployment option if:

  • You have many JMP users who have network access to a common server
  • You have a limited staff to deploy and maintain JMP installations
  • You would like to minimize the deployment effort of the latest JMP versions and license files

The client-server configuration on a Windows network provides you with one central location for your JMP installation. All users would access this single JMP installation, making it easier to administer the usage and licensing of JMP in your organization. It also simplifies the upgrade process when installing the latest version of JMP. READ MORE

JMP Wins 2003 Readers’ Choice Award for Data Analysis

JMP software outranks the competition with sophisticated data analysis capabilities

CARY, N.C. (August 4, 2003) – JMP, a business unit of SAS, today announced its selection as winner of the 2003 Readers’ Choice Award for data analysis by Scientific Computing & Instrumentation magazine. The publication, with circulation exceeding 45,000, annually conducts a survey of its readers to determine which products are most highly regarded in the areas of software, computers and boards, and analysis instruments. Votes are based on product quality, reliability and value. JMP software placed as a finalist in three categories: presentation graphics, QA/QC, and statistical software. READ MORE

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JMP Tips and Tricks
Friday, August 15, 2003

Monday, September 15, 2003

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August 3-7, 2003
San Francisco, CA

LinuxWorld West
August 4-7, 2003
San Francisco, CA

DDT 2003
August 10-12, 2003
Boston, MA

September 7-10, 2003
Washington, DC

September 14-16, 2003
Minneapolis, MN

September 21-23, 2003
St. Petersburg, FL

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New JSL Script Available in the JMP Script Library

We've recently added a new script to the JMP Script Library, ProtectedLSD. This script oversees an ANOVA and subsequent Means Comparison procedure. It was developed for a large manufacturing company. They originally implemented a scheme in SAS that set up multiple comparisons in two stages, following the method known as "Fisher's Protected Least Significance Difference."

This script and many others are available in the JMP Script Library free of charge to users who have registered their software.

JMP Tip: View Notes When Opening a JMP Data Table

Want to see details about your data tables without having to open each one? You can do this easily by changing the file format when using the Open command in Windows or Macintosh Classic OS  (Mac OS X does this automatically).

Select "JMP Data Tables" as the file type. As you scroll JMP files, the number of rows, columns, and display text you placed in the Notes Table Variables are displayed in the Open window. Adding Notes to your data tables is a great way to quickly identify them. READ MORE

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