April, 2004

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First Annual JMP User Conference

JMP 5.1.1 Maintenance Release Now Available
JMP and VelQuest Partner to Address 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance for Life Sciences
Sample JMP Six Sigma Menu Available for Windows
JMP Wins Multiple Awards from Society for Technical Communication
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Strut Your JMP Demo for Students

Implementing Six Sigma: Are You Getting Results Fast Enough?
JMP Tip: JMP Interactive Graphs in Action

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DOE: Tailored Experimental Designs
Thursday, April 15

JMP 5: Linking Graphics to Data (Data Exploration)
Friday, May 14

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JMP User Conference
August 30-31, 2004
SAS Worldwide Headquarters
Cary, NC

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May 9-12
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Merck Technology Symposium
May 10-11
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Cover Story:  
First Annual JMP User Conference

JMP User Conference

Still Playing Hide and Seek with Your Data?

With todayís data you canít leave anything obscured. Successful researchers and business people recognize the value of interactively exploring, understanding and visualizing data, helping them make discoveries and gain knowledge for better decision making.

Join colleagues and experts in the JMP community for a conference that will provide new insight into the world of statistical discovery and exploration with JMPģ software. This conference is developed and designed specifically for JMP users and includes the most up-to-date information about JMP software and its broad usage across various industries: Six Sigma, Manufacturing, Chemical, Biotechnology, Electronics and Pharmaceuticals, among others. LEARN MORE

JMP 5.1.1 Maintenance Release Now Available

The JMP 5.1.1 maintenance release is now available as a free download from the JMP Website for registered users of JMP 5.1. The major updates from 5.1 to 5.1.1 include the following:

  • Fixed Partition > Prune command for continuous responses

  • Fixed Installation of JMP (English Version) on machines running Japanese locale

  • Updates to Data Table, Fit Y By X, Fit Model, Excel import, and more.

You may download a complete list of changes in Release 5.1.1 from the JMP Website. LEARN MORE

Note: This update does not apply to JMP IN 5.1.

JMP and VelQuest Partner to Address 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance for Life Sciences

Solution Pairs the Leading Part 11 Remediation Software with State of the Art Statistical Analysis Technology

Cary, NC, and Hopkinton, MA, April 5, 2004 ó JMP, a business unit of SAS, a leading provider of desktop statistical analysis software, and VelQuest Corporation, a leading supplier of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR Part 11 solutions, announce a partnership that creates a Part 11 compliant environment for JMP customers in the life sciences industry. The VelQuest SmartShellTM product, used with JMP software, enables pharmaceutical companies to authenticate and maintain records for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. READ MORE

Sample JMP Six Sigma Menu Available for Windows

The JMP Six Sigma Menu adds a new sample menu item labeled "Six Sigma Tools" to the default menu system. Under the new sample menu item are analytics that fit each step of the DMAIC roadmap. For example, under "D - Define" is a submenu item for Cause and Effect Diagrams. Under "A - Analyze" are three submenus that contain multiple analyses commonly used in Six Sigma.

The sample Six Sigma Menu is a free download for all JMP users running JMP 5.1 for Windows.

Strut Your JMP Demo for Students

If you use JMP in your teaching, youíve probably developed at least one demonstration that grabs the attention of your students. It conveys clear understanding about a profound idea or theory. It is fun to run and the students get excited about it!

If you have such a demo, we invite you to share it. We plan to publish a series of feature articles in the JMPer Cable newsletter about instructional demonstrations and we would like you to take center stage. So donít be shy. Step right up and strut your demo. Just send an e-mail to jmpnewswire@jmp.com.

JMP Wins Multiple Awards from Society for Technical Communication

The Carolina chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) awarded JMP two awards of distinction for the book Regression Using JMP and for the JMP packaging design. JMP also received two excellence awards for the JMPer Cable newsletter and the JMP 5.1 Quick Reference Card. JMP entered the STC Carolina chapter's technical publications competition in the fall of 2003.

The judges assessed the following areas: content and organization, copy editing, visual design and overall look. JMP's materials ranked high in each category. READ MORE

Implementing Six Sigma: Are You Getting Results Fast Enough?

This paper was presented by Kristin Nauta, JMP Director of Sales and Marketing, at the International Conference on Polyolefins 2004, February 24, in Houston, TX

Six Sigma focuses on high return projects that will maximize customer satisfaction. Is every part of your Six Sigma effort providing a maximum return, including your software? Do your graphics come alive, helping you make key discoveries with the click of your mouse? Can you easily find relationships among numerous variables without sorting through pages of p-values? Do your designed experiments provide the maximum information using the minimal resources? The presentation covers concepts you typically donít learn in analytics training and presents techniques that shorten your journey from question to answer. READ MORE

JMP Tip: JMP Interactive Graphs in Action

This tip is a fun and unique way to demonstrate JMP's graphical interactivity. Open the cereal.jmp data table from the Sample Data folder. Click Analyze -> Multivariate Methods -> Multivariate. Select Calories, Protein, Fat and Sodium as Y columns, click OK. Click on the brush tool in the toolbar. Click inside one of the display windows on the graph. Hold down the ALT key (Windows and Mac) or SHIFT-ALT (Linux) and change the shape of the brush. Now you can brush back and forth and see all the interactivity of the data.

Bonus! Hold down the CTRL-SHIFT-ALT (Windows & Linux) or APPLE-OPTION-SHIFT (Mac) keys and "throw" the brush (click, drag, and release in a particular direction). The brush will move automatically.

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Need JMP-related content for your Website or newsletter? You can reprint any article from JMP Newswire (our email newsletter), JMPer Cable (our print newsletter), or the JMP Website FREE of charge. All we ask is that you credit us at the end of each article. What could be easier? READ MORE

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