June, 2004

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JMP and iGrafx: Making Effective Business Process Decisions

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SAS Education Introduces Design Institute for Six Sigma (DIFSS)
JMP Curriculum Augmented With New Courses
Special Group Discount for JMP User Conference

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JMP for Six Sigma White Paper

JMP Tip: JMP Interactive Graphs in Action

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JMP & iGrafx: Making Effective Business Process Decisions
Thursday, June 3

How to Customize JMP's Menu for Six Sigma
Tuesday, June 15

Implementing Six Sigma: Are You Getting Results Fast Enough?
Thursday, July 15

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JMP User Conference
August 30-31, 2004
SAS Worldwide Headquarters
Cary, NC

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Cover Story:  
JMP and iGrafx: Making Effective Business Process Decisions

Use JMP's analytic capabilities with iGrafx's modeling features.

JMP and iGrafx Partner for Process Modeling and Analysis. See the Joint Live Webinar June 3*

iGrafx® Process(TM) 2003 for Six Sigma -plus- JMP® statistical analysis software combines business process mapping and simulation with statistical analysis using an easy-to-understand visual framework. This makes it possible to recreate any business process, run what if simulations, and conduct in depth statistical analysis of the results without the cost of a real world test. The result? Business process improvement options you can trust.

iGrafx provides process mapping and process simulation. JMP provides virtual experimentation and in-depth analysis of multifactor changes to the process. READ MORE

*A recorded version of the webinar will be available on the JMP website June 4.

SAS Education Introduces Design Institute for Six Sigma (DIFSS)

The Design Institute for Six Sigma (DIFSS), which was recently formed by the SAS Education Division, offers Black Belt, Green Belt, and Champion training in Six Sigma implementation, as well as a four-day course in JMP for Six Sigma professionals. Classes range from two to sixteen days in length. A half-day executive overview of Six Sigma and a special program for transactional-based businesses, such as banks, are included in the DIFSS course offerings.

JMP for Six Sigma White Paper

JMP is the only software tool that allows the complete description of and insight into the very complex problems that must be addressed to accomplish a successful Six Sigma program.

JMP software offers professionals seeking breakthrough improvements in quality the most capable, integrated toolset for achieving Six Sigma performance. JMP is like a statistical pocket knife, useful to a broad audience in your organization. It offers comprehensive capabilities for defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling critical aspects of your business.

Six Sigma efforts require people to rapidly change the way they think about quality and the way they work. JMP allows the organization to implement software that supports and provides a high level of comfort for those changes. JMP's graphical interactivity, scripting, and menu customization enables everyone in the organization to make a contribution to the productivity gains promised by Six Sigma. READ MORE

JMP Curriculum Augmented With New Courses

The following courses have been added to the JMP curriculum:

  • Exploratory Data Analytic Modeling (three-day Business Knowledge Series course)

  • JMP and Statistical Essentials for SAS Microarray Solution

  • JMP Software: Identifying and Modeling Process Cycles (on-site only)

  • JMP Software: Measurement Systems Analysis and Variation Reduction

Each course focuses on a specific aspect of JMP software's unique capabilities of interactively exploring, understanding and visualizing data. To learn more about these new courses and to register, visit JMP Training.

Special Group Discount for JMP User Conference

Receive 20% discount off the price of the JMP User Conference or conference/training package when two or more individuals register and pre-pay for the conference or conference package at the same time. Not good with any other discount. The JMP User Conference will be held August 30-31, 2004 at SAS Worldwide Headquarters in Cary, NC.

JMP Tip: Paste a JMP Graph Into a Spreadsheet

Want to paste a JMP graph into a spreadsheet? Using the Selection tool, you can easily copy any graph and paste it into a spreadsheet application as an image.

  1. Choose the Selection tool from the tool bar.


  3. Right mouse click on the graph (WIN, LNX) or Control-Click (MAC) and choose Select All. If you only want the graph itself, click in the bottom left corner of the graphic box.

  4. Right mouse click (WIN, LNX) or Control-click (MAC) again and select copy.

  5. Open the spreadsheet application*.

  6. Select the cell where you want to paste the graphic.

  7. Right mouse click (WIN, LNX) or Control-click (MAC) and select Paste Special. The Paste Special window appears.

  8. Select "Bitmap" or "Picture" and click OK. The image appears as a graphic in the spreadsheet.

* If using OpenOffice.org on Linux, you must use version 1.1 or greater.

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