October 2004

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JMP Seminars: Analytic Software for Maximum Productivity
John Sall to Present Keynote at 48th Annual Fall Technical Conference
JMP Expands Partnerships with Six Sigma Consultants
Cytec Industries Uses JMP for Six Sigma, Wins 2004 T&B Award
Rhinos and Tigers and ... SAS, Oh My!

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JMP Seminars: JMP and 21CFR Part 11 Remediation Solutions
JMP for Healthcare Providers
Consider I-optimal Designs for DOE
JMP Tip: Modify Graphs with the Hand Tool
Upcoming Webinars
Upcoming Seminars
Upcoming Tradeshows & Conferences

Upcoming Webinars

No webinar for October.

DOE: Tailored Experimental Designs
Monday, November 15

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Upcoming Seminars

Analytic Software for Maximum Productivity
October 13
SAS Institute, Inc.
Itasca, IL

Analytic Software for Maximum Productivity
October 14
SAS Institute, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

JMP and 21CFR Part 11 Remediaton Solutions
October 25
SAS Worldwide Headquarters
Cary, NC

JMP and 21CFR Part 11 Remediaton Solutions
October 27
SAS Philadelphia Training Center
Wayne, PA

JMP and 21CFR Part 11 Remediaton Solutions
October 28
SAS Bedminster Training Center
Bedminster, NJ

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Upcoming Tradeshows & Conferences

North Carolina Quality Conference
October 6-7
Raleigh, NC

Fall Technical Conference
October 14-15
Roanoke, VA

ISMI Symposium on Manufacturing Effectiveness
October 25-28
Austin, TX

Engineous Software 2004 International User Conference
October 27-29
Atlanta, GA

Oct. 31 - Nov. 4
Nashville, TN

November 7-9
Austin, TX

November 14-17
Baltimore, MD

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Cover Story:
JMP Seminars: Analytic Software for Maximum Productivity

JMP® invites you to a free Six Sigma seminar on October 13 in Itasca, IL and October 14 in Minneapolis, MN.

Commitment to Six Sigma® positions your company to build expertise in continuous quality improvement throughout your organization.

JMP provides powerful analytics, an easy-to-use interface, and an integrated solution that supports all phases of the DMAIC process. Our unique “show me” paradigm puts advanced analytics in the hands of non-statistician Six Sigma practitioners who can drag and drop variables to describe their problem, push a button to launch an analysis, then view the results as an easy to interpret chart or graph.

JMP software helps you improve the quality, lead time and cost of your company's most critical products and processes. Let us show you JMP's analytics in action for DMAIC. Learn how custom design of experiment capabilities unique to JMP efficiently address the complex challenges whose remediation is critical to an organization's Six Sigma success. See how JMP's flexible scripting language will help you specify and deliver standard analysis tools to the desktops of your Six Sigma teams.

At this half-day JMP seminar, Six Sigma experts, JMP users, and JMP staff will present information on using analytical tools to drive successful Six Sigma programs. READ MORE

John Sall to Present Keynote at 48th Annual Fall Technical Conference

John Sall, Executive Vice President of SAS and creator of JMP, is scheduled to present the keynote address at the 48th Annual Fall Technical Conference on Thursday, October 14, in Roanoke, VA. Sall will present at the Plenary Session, "Software and Hard-to-Change Factors."

Also featured in the "Statistics Education" Session is JMP Instructor Mark Bailey, presenting his workshop, "Interactive Demonstrations of Statistical Concepts," moderated by Lori Rothenberg, JMP Training Program Manager.

The 48th Annual Fall Technical Conference is focused on innovative and creative techniques and applications for using statistics to improve quality. This conference wishes to highlight the unique and powerful mix of statistics and quality. Papers chosen for presentation feature the latest developments in statistical methods as they relate to quality improvement and decision-making. Some of the most influential leaders in quality and statistics attend this conference to give talks and present short courses. READ MORE

JMP Seminars: JMP and 21CFR Part 11 Remediation Solutions

JMP seminars for pharmaceuticals are October 25 in Cary, NC; October 27 in Wayne, PA; and October 28 in Bedminster, NJ.

Together JMP and VelQuest enable pharmaceutical companies to bring safe and effective drugs to market efficiently by allowing scientists, analysts, and engineers to use all the features of JMP statistical analysis software in an FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment. The VelQuest SmartShell(TM) Technical Remediation Solution -plus- JMP® enables pharmaceutical companies to authenticate and maintain electronic records of statistical analysis. JMP software provides analytical tools used to evaluate compounds, study the effectiveness of drugs, interpret clinical trials, and perform the wide variety of analyses required to develop a safe drug. READ MORE

JMP Expands Partnerships with Six Sigma Consultants

JMP has expanded the growing list of Six Sigma consultants who recommend JMP to their customers to include the following:

ETI Group
ETI Group provides a comprehensive range of training and consulting services to support your business improvement needs: Six Sigma, Lean Methods, Process Management, Process Improvement, Teambuilding, and Business Planning.

Premier Performance Network (PPN)
PPN is a global leader in consulting and training in corporate performance and quality improvement, particularly Six Sigma implementation.

Only SigmaFlow seamlessly integrates the complex data and relationships that make up your organization, and provides an integrated one-stop-shop toolkit for managing your Lean and Six Sigma projects.

VR Data Systems, Inc.
VR Data Systems, Inc. offers Six Sigma training and certification courses for transactional and service-oriented organizations using JMP for data analysis and iGrafx for process modeling and simulation.


JMP for Healthcare Providers

JMP® software provides best-in-class tools for healthcare provider organizations seeking quality improvements. JMP can be used to uncover and analyze the cause of a number of hospital administration challenges. As part of a quality improvement program, JMP best-in-class analytics enables organizations to discover the cause of organizational problems, whose remediation will help achieve the following... READ MORE

Consider I-optimal Designs for DOE

By Bradley Jones and Lee Creighton, SAS Institute Inc. From the September 2004 issue of R&D Magazine.

Most introductory courses in design of experiments (DOE) teach central composite and Box-Behnken designs as the response surface designs. These approaches were developed in the 1950s for situations where the experimental region is regular and the response surface can be reasonably approximated by a second-order polynomial. READ MORE

Cytec Industries Uses JMP for Six Sigma, Wins 2004 T&B Award

JMP customer Cytec Industries is the recipient of Start magazine's 2004 Technology & Business award for the Specialty Chemicals category. Cytec recently introduced a Six Sigma philosophy to some of their transactional processes to help uncover sources of variation in a process, and then understand as well as control that variation to make process improvements.

"One of JMP's main advantages for Cytec is the graphical nature of the program compared to other statistical packages," said Andrew Downard of Cytec. "Features such as variability and overlay plots, coupled with the ability to group, mark, and color certain data points within a larger set, make practical analysis of even large and complicated datasets feasible. And best of all, anyone can do it with minimal training." READ MORE

Rhinos and Tigers and ... SAS, Oh My!

Newly launched wildlife conservation organization WildTrack, together with SAS, is using a unique, non-invasive monitoring technique to save endangered species in the wild. Using SAS [and JMP] software, WildTrack's footprint identification technique has already helped save the black rhino population in Zimbabwe and has provided a census of white rhinos in Namibia. READ MORE

JMP Tip: Modify Graphs with the Hand Tool

Want to easily modify how a graph displays, such as making the histogram bars larger? You can easily do this with the hand tool (also known as the grabber). The following are some examples of the way the hand behaves in graphs and plots:

  • On axes in all plots, you can use the hand tool to change the range of the axis values, which then changes the part of the plot that shows. Dragging the hand tool in a plot frame when the hand is upright changes the x and y axes together. The hand may sometimes appear rotated, indicating that you can stretch one side of the axis while the other remains fixed.
  • On histograms, use the hand tool to change the number of bars or to shift the boundaries of the bars.
  • On spinning plots, the hand tool spins the plot. To spin a plot, click and drag the plot with the hand tool.
  • In all reports, use the hand tool and drag columns to rearrange the report.
Visit the JMP website to see a Flash demo of the hand tool in action. READ MORE

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