February 2005

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JMP Presents at ASQ's 2005 Six Sigma Conference
Registration opens for JMP User Conference

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Special Offering of JMP Courses in Charlotte, NC
Increase Your Financial Performance with Process Improvement Using JMP

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Uncovering Hidden Opportunities in Banking Services
JMP Offers Workshop and Presentation at Six Sigma Conference for Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
JMP and 21CFR Part 11 Remediation Solutions
Upcoming Webinars
Upcoming Seminars
Upcoming Tradeshows & Conferences

Upcoming Webinars

Uncovering Hidden Opportunities in Banking Services
Monday, February 21

Tuesday, March 15

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Upcoming Seminars

There are no JMP seminars scheduled at this time.

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Upcoming Tradeshows & Conferences

ASQ Six Sigma Conference
February 7-8
Palm Springs, CA

Six Sigma in Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
February 16-17
Dallas, TX

Central Ohio ASQ
March 8
Columbus, OH

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Cover Story:
Uncovering Hidden Opportunities in Banking Services

Join us for a live webinar on Monday, February 21, 1:00 EST. Visit the JMP website to register.

This presentation explores banking services data using interactive modeling to rapidly characterize an existing customer base using a data mining technique called recursive partition. The exploration exposes hidden opportunities in the customer base for new products and services and provides a baseline on which to measure success of proposed new products and services after they are introduced. READ MORE

JMP Presents at ASQ's 2005 Six Sigma Conference

JMP cordially invites you to attend an up-close and personal viewing of JMP's award winning software in both a demonstration and presentation setting at ASQ's 2005 Six Sigma Conference, February 7-8, in Palm Springs, CA.

Product Demonstration: Using JMP® to Support Six Sigma® Success
Check Conference Proceedings for Time and Location

JMP software offers professionals seeking breakthrough improvements in quality the most capable, integrated toolset for achieving Six Sigma performance. You'll see how JMP can be customized and tailored to fit the varied needs and levels of practitioners in your organization and how JMP's graphical interactivity enables everyone to make a contribution to the productivity gains promised by Six Sigma. Presented by Chuck Boiler, JMP Technical Marketing Strategist.

Concurrent Session A1: Advanced Design of Experiments
Monday, Feb. 7, 10:15 am – 11:15 am

The real world of process and product development creates real constraints and demands on the design and analysis of experiments. DOE methodologies have advanced to allow for many practical considerations such as flexible modeling structures, experimental constraints and more. This presentation explores some of the advances in DOE concepts with a practical slant towards design and application. Presented by Dr. Thomas A. Little, President, Thomas A. Little Consulting. READ MORE

Special Offering of JMP Courses in Charlotte, NC

SAS, the market leader in business intelligence in cooperation with ESRI, the leader in GIS software, will be offering two public JMP courses back-to-back on February 23-25 at the ESRI-Charlotte training center. JMP Software: Statistical Data Exploration and JMP Software: ANOVA and Regression will be available on these dates.

JMP Software: Statistical Data is a one-day course designed as an important first step for anyone who wants to use JMP software to manage and analyze data. In this course, you learn to perform elementary exploratory data analysis (EDA) and discover natural patterns in data. Important statistical concepts such as confidence intervals and t-tests are also introduced. READ MORE

Increase Your Financial Performance with Process Improvement Using JMP

Are you challenged with sacrificing process improvement for bottom line results? SAS offers the Design Institute for Six Sigma (DIFSS) with extensive Six Sigma training, consulting, and mentoring services for multiple levels of both transactional and production-based organizations. Six Sigma training uses JMP® software as the analytic support tool of choice. Download the brochure (in PDF format) for more information. READ MORE

JMP Offers Workshop and Presentation at Six Sigma Conference for Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

JMP will present the following at WCBF's Successfully Implementing Six Sigma in Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Conference, February 15-17, in Dallas.

February 15th, 8:30 am
WORKSHOP A: Analytic Software for Maximum Productivity

Learn how recursive partition and design of experiment capabilities unique to JMP efficiently address the complex challenges whose remediation is critical to an organization's Six Sigma success.

See how JMP's flexible scripting language will help you specify and deliver standard analysis tools to the desktops of your Six Sigma teams.

During this JMP seminar, JMP staff will present information on using analytical tools to drive successful Six Sigma programs.

February 16, 10:40 am
Six Sigma Partnership Working

This presentation will inform delegates of the benefits of partnership working. Drawing on experience and real life examples, the speakers will demonstrate how truly understanding the needs of the business is a critical factor for achieving breakthrough results with Six Sigma. READ MORE

Registration opens for JMP User Conference

With three out of four keynote speakers confirmed and class schedules established, the second annual JMP User Conference is fully open for registration.

This innovative conference, specially designed for JMP users, will bring together JMP aficionados from around the world and offer new JMP courses.

JMP and 21CFR Part 11 Remediation Solutions

Recently, JMP and VelQuest teamed to present the following as a seminar and webinar. For anyone unable to attend either presentation, we offer a downloadable recording of the webinar.

JMP® and VelQuest software enable pharmaceutical companies to bring safe and effective drugs to market efficiently. Together, VelQuest SmartShell™ Technical Remediation Solution and JMP let pharmaceutical companies authenticate and maintain electronic records of statistical analysis to evaluate compounds, study a drug's effectiveness, interpret clinical trials, and perform the wide variety of analyses required to develop a safe drug.

Attend our webinar with a CFR Part 11 expert. Learn about risk management for the pharmaceutical industry. Learn how to make dramatic improvements in productivity, analytic capabilities, and cycle time. Discover how SmartShell, SmartLab, SmartBatch and JMP software can help the pharmaceutical industry in a FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment. READ MORE

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