Celebrating 20 years of Statistical Data Discovery

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Hear the JMP software story from its very own author, John Sall. The JMP Founder and SAS Executive VP starts at the beginning, 20 years ago. Learn about the origins of the software and the people who guided its evolution to the present day.
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JMP personnel worldwide offer many thanks to our customers for their unwavering support.
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Our 20th anniversary is here. And we’re celebrating because of you.

This October, JMP is celebrating its 20th anniversary. JMP software has been busy since its first release in 1989. It maintains an active presence in a variety of industries, helping customers gain new insights, optimize processes, save money or simply enjoy life more.

JMP users have improved aerospace engineering designs, produced quality pharmaceuticals, protected coral reefs off the Florida coast, enhanced open-wheel racing, manufactured high-end guitar strings and bottled fine wine. That’s a lot of action to pack into two decades. And with every new version that is released, the quarter million people who have JMP on their desktop can pack more action into their own time.

As members of the JMP team, we extend a big thank you to our customers. Thank you for making JMP an important part of your important work. And thank you for making JMP a success.


Impart your impact

Relay the story of your relationship with JMP. We want to hear all about the impact you’ve had and the innovation you’ve achieved together.

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Share your anniversary best wishes with fellow JMP users via Twitter. Be sure to include #JMP20 in your message and reply to others with a joyful “hear-hear!”