Interactive Tools for Teaching and Learning

We want students to understand statistics. Interactive add-ins and Concept Discovery Modules make it happen.

These teaching tools allow you to explore fundamental concepts covered in introductory statistics courses, including sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and more.

They are fun and easy to use, and are available to professors, students, or any interested learner.

These tools are self-installing add-ins or scripts.  To use:

  • Download an add-in, and open in JMP to install. Then, select from your Add-Ins menu to use.
  • Download a script, open in JMP, and then use Run Script to run.

About the Teaching Modules

Developed by Amy Froelich of Iowa State University and Bill Duckworth of Creighton University, and programmed by Wayne Levin and Brian McFarlane of Predictum Inc and Mark Bailey and Brady Brady of JMP.

Even More Learning Tools

These learning tools, along with other teaching resources, can be found in the JMP Academic Resources Center on the Academic Community.

Additional teaching scripts and data sets are available in the JMP Sample Data Directory under Help > Sample Data.

Other Learning Tools

SAS Partner, Predictum Inc., offers free dynamic illustrations, such as Oneway ANOVA and Power, to help you learn and teach statistics with JMP.

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