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The statistical discovery magazine. From SAS.

Discovery is at the heart of JMP software. It’s what makes JMP fun to use, fun to teach with and fun to share with other people who are curious about their data. This magazine showcases stories about those who are playing with their data, interacting with it, asking questions of it, and coming away with some unexpected connections. Which scientists, engineers and researchers will you connect with as you explore the following pages?

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The dirty little secret of our work

Not everything about data visualization is glamorous. John Sall, SAS co-founder and Executive Vice President, knows that good analysts spend a lot of time preparing data. That’s why he decided to make data preparation easier, faster and more reliable in JMP 12.

Are your data visualizations YouTube or Vimeo?

Do you need to publish quickly, or do you spend time professionally polishing your work? That is the question Kaiser Fung – author and educator – asks about your data visualizations.

A definitive game changer for experimental design and model building

Who loves Definitive Screening Designs? Philip Ramsey and Mia Stephens do! The two modeling experts and seasoned educators walk us through a DSD experiment as a case study.

Why design of experiments keeps science in science

Louis Valente worries that in some scientific circles, DOE is not embraced. Don’t fear
change, says the chemist who is also a DOE expert at SAS. He explains how DOE and science are complementary, not contradictory.

The quest for quality continues

Ronald Snee and Roger Hoerl: Their names are synonymous with quality. While their history is rich, they continue to take advantage of new advances that build on the fundamentals.

Why we love to extend and expand the power of JMP®

When JMP users need customized solutions and the ability to deploy them, they often turn to Predictum Inc.’s Wayne Levin. In this column, he shares insights into why and how to extend JMP.


Introducing JMP® 12

We created a professional version


Who’s going to feed all these people?

As the global population rises, so arises the question about how to feed the world. Outside of London, AB Vista sees sustainable agriculture and peer-reviewed science as central to its mission.

Why waste watts?

At homes and at restaurants, energy-eating appliances are wasting valuable resources. Luckily, PlotWatt and its algorithms sleuth out the culprits.

R&D decisions in a cinch

Absorbable surgical staples arise from Incisive Surgical’s data-driven approach to innovation.

Now we’re talking

What’s the one language everybody understands? The language of dynamic, graphical visualizations, according to Integrative Engineering.

Shining light on solar systems

Because the US Department of Energy wants to optimize the use of solar power, scientists from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory dig in the data, exploring efficiency and reliability.

It’s music to our ears

Some discoveries sound better than others. One research firm loves hearing that arts education has a positive impact on standardized test scores and at-risk students in Chicago.

The teachers’ tool

Around the world, professors count on JMP to bring statistics to life. In Japan’s Kyoto University, JMP is helping train future public health practitioners.

Trials and true

In clinical trials, one truth is that a one-system approach works best. That’s the stance of Germany-based accantec consulting.

Deep analysis for subsea equipment

FMC Technologies values every bit of data, and analyzes words as well as numbers. As a result, the Houston-based oil company takes a deep dive into quality data from its subsea systems.

A fairy tail ending

Once upon a time, after battling with disparate data sources, Animal Humane Society reined in its stakeholder data and used predictive modeling to place pets into loving homes.

It’s Quality by Design at GlaxoSmithKline

Scientists and engineers improve production processes using modeling and data visualization.Quality by Design goes from an abstract concept to a day-to-day reality.

Informed predictions save lives

Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute is dedicated to improving public health.

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