JMP® Graph Builder for iPad®

Analysis on the go. Graphs at your fingertips

JMP Graph Builder is the best way to view and explore JMP data tables right on your iPad. Create, edit and view graphs wherever you are with the same Graph Builder engine found in JMP, the desktop statistical discovery software from SAS. Data Filter, new in the latest release of JMP Graph Builder for iPad, lets you focus on specific parts of the data that you are graphing. Consider this free iPad app a bonus for choosing JMP for your statistical discovery needs.

JMP iPad

Get started

  • Send a JMP data table to your iPad via email, Dropbox or iTunes File Sharing.
  • Access a web page with a linked .jmp file.
  • Organize data tables in the gallery.
  • Make a new graph by dragging variables where you want them with live updates.
  • Switch between chart types by tapping in the palette.
  • Filter your data to discover hidden relationships and dependencies.
  • Explore your data with pinch, zoom and pan gestures.
  • Fine-tune your graph with style and color choices.
  • Create custom filters to view interactive subsets of your data.

Share your work

  • Communicate your discoveries via email, PDF, iTunes, Dropbox or Copy/Paste.
  • Display your work using AirPlay or a dock adapter.
  • Use AirPrint to print your graphs on a compatible printer.
Available on the App Store

App Features

Point Chart, Smoother Curve Fit, Linear Regression, Density Ellipse, Contour Density, Line Chart, Bar Chart, Area Chart, Box Plot, Histogram, Heat Map, Pie Chart, Treemap, Mosaic Plot, Caption Box, Geographic Mapping, Trellis Layout of Graphs, Simple Summary Statistics, Overlaid Charts.


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