Design of Experiments: A Practical Approach. Harness the power of DOE through illustrative case studies.

Chapter 5: Comparing the Measured Performance of Two Materials, Processes or Products

In this chapter from Analyzing and Interpreting Continuous Data Using JMP: A Step-by-Step Guide, Brenda and José Ramírez consider the case of a chemistry lab tasked with regularly measuring the average atomic mass of silver samples. Since the lab in question had two mass spectrometers – a precisely calibrated new model and a slightly older model – the chemists needed to determine whether both instruments were performing at the same level.

Though the problem in this case is specific, the solution illustrates fundamental techniques that can span industries. In this chapter, the authors provide step-by-step instructions  on how to use JMP to perform significance tests to compare average performance and performance variation of two products, processes or materials.

Find out how performing significance tests with JMP can provide insights into performance variations between any two products, processes or materials.

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