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Get to Know Discovery Summit Keynotes »
Discovery Summit 2011. Exploring Data, Inspiring Innovation.Among the highlights of Discovery Summit are the thought leaders who deliver the keynote speeches. The exciting lineup this year includes Jeffrey Ma, the real-life inspiration for the movie 21; Jonah Lehrer, author of How We Decide; and David Salsburg, author of The Lady Tasting Tea. Learn more about them in these Q&As in the JMP Blog.

Live Events
Events Offer Hands-On Help »
Mastering JMPMastering JMP is a series of hands-on workshops for select JMP users who are interested in refining their analytic craft. Attendees will experience a daylong workshop with JMP technical experts in Austin, TX; New York or Edison, NJ. View the schedule and sign up.
Explore Data with De Veaux »
Dick De VeauxJoin us in Detroit Aug. 9 to learn how exploratory data mining can help illuminate your decision making process. Through a series of case studies, renowned applied statistician Richard De Veaux will illustrate how to use this technique for knowledge discovery.
Attend an Intro to DOE Seminar »
Lou ValenteGain the momentum you need to start using design of experiments (DOE) at this Aug. 24 event. Through a variety of examples and case studies, Lou Valente, a Six Sigma Black Belt and leading expert in DOE, will teach you how to leverage DOE capabilities. Join us in Kansas City for this complimentary seminar.
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Webcast: Worst Practices in Data Mining »
Power LunchSavvy organizations make strategic decisions by using insights from data mining. After uncovering trends and patterns in vast amounts of data, they can then build predictive models that help them reach their goals. But much can go wrong in the data mining process, even for trained professionals. Watch this Aug. 23 Analytics Power Lunch webcast and learn how to avoid common pitfalls.
Predictive Modeling for Finance and Insurance »
Predicting future outcomes is particularly tricky for banks and insurance companies. Data sets often contain thousands of variables and hundreds of millions of observations, and it is often important to predict behavior that is characterized by a very small proportion of the data. Explore strategies at a Sept. 7 webcast.
Need to Model Response Surfaces? »
John SallIn five short demos, John Sall presents case studies using manufacturing, chemical, human growth, housing, breast cancer and other types of data to explore how to use JMP for response surface modeling.  He covers response surface visualization, specialized response surfaces, desirability and optimization, opportunity space filling and robust process engineering.
Featured Blogs
Bradley Jones to Be Next Editor of JQT »
Bradley JonesThe Journal of Quality Technology, published by ASQ, has selected Principal Research Fellow Bradley Jones as its editor starting next year. Read the announcement in the JMP Blog by John Sall, chief architect of JMP and co-founder of SAS.
SAS® Structural Equation Modeling for JMP® »
SAS Structural Equation Modeling for JMP is a new application that enables researchers to use SAS and JMP to draw models by using an interface that is built on the SAS/STAT® CALIS procedure. Simply drag variables into the diagram area and then use point-and-click features to draw paths among variables, specify variable and path properties, and select other model specifications.
JMP® 9 Is NMCI Certified »
JMP 9 is now certified by the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), the core enterprise network for Navy and Marine Corps forces in the continental US and Hawaii. Because NMCI maintains extremely high security for both classified and unclassified environments, certification involves rigorous testing to ensure that software meets strict operating and interoperability guidelines.
New Twitter Feed for Northeast US »
TwitterAre you in New England or New York? If so, you'll want to follow the new Twitter feed created just for the Northeast region. It's a great way to keep up with local JMP events, news and tips, courtesy of your JMP team: David Schultz and Mary Loveless. The Twitter handle is @JMP_Northeast.
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Analytics Power Lunch for
Power Users: Worst Practices in Data Mining
August 23
1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT)
Presented by Dick De Veaux

Analytics Power Lunch for
Power Users: Predictive Modeling for Finance and Insurance
September 7
1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT)
Presented by Don McCormack

Analytics Power Lunch for
Power Users:
Computer-Intensive Analysis
September 28
1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT)
Presented by Ian Cox

Getting Started
with JMP
August 5, 12, 19, 26
1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT)
Also available ON DEMAND

Online Resources
for Learning the Basics
of JMP Genomics
August 10
12 p.m. (9 a.m. PT)

Webcasts - France

Webcasts - Germany

Webcasts - Italy

Webcasts - UK 

Learn more »
Exploring Interactive and Visual Data Mining
August 9, Detroit
Presented by Dick De Veaux
JMP Explorers Series

Introduction to DOE
August 24
Kansas City, KS

Lowering Costs Through
Visual Analytics
September 27, New York
September 29, Philadelphia

Learn more »

NESUG 2011
September 11 – 14
Portland, ME

Discovery Summit 2011
September 13 – 16

September 19, Seattle
September 21, Portland, OR

September 25 – 27
Kansas City, KS

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