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Webcast: Best Practices in Model Comparison »
Chris GotwaltMany disparate techniques can be used for predictive modeling. How do you choose which model or method to use for a given application? Watch this live Power Lunch webcast and learn how to decide which model is right for you. Bring your questions for this complimentary event featuring Chris Gotwalt, Director of Statistical Research and Development for JMP, the author of many analytic features in JMP software, especially in the area of numerical algorithms. You'll also get a preview of the new Model Comparison platform in JMP 10 (to debut early in 2012) that will offer one-stop shopping for model selection. Sign up today!
Featured Blog Posts
A Process for Statistical Discovery with JMP® »
ChartIt's helpful to have a simple process to guide statistical discovery. While statisticians could debate over the best process of statistical discovery for a long time, Malcolm Moore of JMP describes a process in the JMP Blog that works for most situations. It's a four-step framework: data access, data management, analysis and reporting. Read Malcolm's explanation of each step in the process and the capabilities and functions in JMP that map to each step.
How to Find Unique Values in a List »
Xan GreggIf you use JMP Scripting Language (JSL), you may wonder how to remove duplicate items from a list. JMP developer Xan Gregg says there are probably lots of reasonable ways to do that in JSL. But he believes the simplest approach is to use an associative array. An associative array is a collection of key-value pairs where the keys are unique. Read Xan's blog post in the JMP Blog and join the discussion on other ways to get unique values from a list.
User Community
Meet JMP Users Groups Leaders »
JMP Users GroupsIn three short video interviews, you'll see why JMP users are passionate about the software and what drives them to gather regularly all across the United States to talk about JMP. Gail Massari of JMP sat down with leaders of the JMP users groups in Albuquerque, NM; the Great Lakes region; and Utah; during Discovery Summit 2011 in Denver. Hear how they make it easier and more fun to learn about JMP – and how you can get involved.
JMP® for Life Sciences
Genetics: Scientific Hot Spot »
JMP GenomicsWhat's the hottest area of scientific research today? Thomson Reuters Science Watch says it's genetics. In an article titled "The Softer Side of Genomics," Drug Discovery & Development magazine describes how today's data management and computational tools let researchers dig deeper into genes. The article describes JMP Genomics, emphasizing its statistical power, flexibility, expanding genomics capabilities and predictive modeling. Read all about it (available as a PDF download)!
Promoting Patient Safety with Visual Analytics »
Jonathan SeltzerProtecting patient safety during clinical trials is the responsibility of Data Monitoring Committees. Watch this complimentary two-part webcast with Jonathan Seltzer, MD, and Mark Williams, co-founders of Applied Clinical Intelligence LLC, and find out how the integration of robust analytics and dynamic visualization in JMP Clinical software helps these independent oversight panels promote patient safety while enhancing efficiency. 
Visual Six Sigma: Free Book Chapter »
Visual Six SigmaDownload a chapter from Visual Six Sigma: Making Data Analysis Lean and read a case study about a small cell phone provider that uses predictive modeling to develop an effective marketing campaign. Follow along as a statistical analyst develops a test campaign to identify prospective customers who would accept a specific offer the company plans to market in the coming year. The test campaign explores the impact of an array of demographic variables on the response rate and helps identify which of four statistical models would be most effective for analyzing campaign results.
What’s Going On with My Cell Phone Bill? »
Cell Phone DemoDick De Veaux, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Williams College, uses texting data from his monthly phone bill to show how to analyze data sets in JMP® Pro where informative data may be missing. Other case studies surrounding clinical trials, water use and population and income data are included.
Government Resource Library »
US GovernmentThis library holds a variety of resources on design of experiments. The journal articles, white papers, tutorial materials, demos and JMP add-ins are appropriate for government applications. Register once to gain access to all reference materials.
Update Your Copy of JMP® »
Get all the latest improvements and fixes by updating JMP 9 and JMP Pro today. Download a free updater from the JMP website. The release notes list all of the changes made to the software.
Submit a SAS® Global Forum Paper »
SAS Global Forum 2012The call for papers is open for SAS Global Forum 2012 in Orlando, FL. If you are selected to present, you'll gain recognition for your expertise among fellow SAS® professionals and create a dialogue with your peers and colleagues. The deadline for submission is Nov. 14.
Reminder: Mastering JMP® Workshops »
Mastering JMPDid you sign up to attend a hands-on Mastering JMP workshop in Irvine, CA, or Overland Park, KS? Don't forget that both seminars are coming up next month. Find out more about the agenda and topics.
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Getting Started with JMP
November 4, 11, 18
1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT)
Also available ON DEMAND

Mastering JMP
November 3, 10, 17
2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT)

Analytics Power Lunch for
Power Users: Best Practices in Model Comparison
November 16
1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT)
Presented by Chris Gotwalt

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Exploring Data Visualization and Predictive Analytics
November 2, New York
Presented by Stephen Few
JMP Explorers Series
Lowering Costs Through
Visual Analytics
November 16, Denver

Learn more »

Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit
November 3-4

November 13-16
Charlotte, NC

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