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JMP® 11 Is Here »

JMP 11Next week we will proudly introduce the newest release of JMP statistical analysis software. Filled with advancements inspired by customers like you, JMP 11 speeds the pace of statistical discovery. You'll find enhancements ranging from a few giant leaps in functionality to beautiful tweaks across the entire product. Here are some of the exciting new features:

  • An updated and more powerful Categorical platform for analyzing surveys, factor analysis, choice modeling and item analysis. Find this with other tools in the new Consumer Research menu.
  • Definitive Screening Designs are the most efficient way to separate the vital few factors from the many that have negligible effects. Now, you can screen your factors and optimize your response in a single experiment.
  • A new wizard simplifies data import from Microsoft Excel with less cleanup and formatting.*
  • Stay in the flow by creating transformed variables on the fly to quickly look at data from different perspectives.
  • Use the new informative missing option to see if your missing data is actually predictive.
  • Share results with others using new Interactive HTML output with dynamic JMP graphs.
  • With integration with MATLAB, use JMP to call custom MATLAB models, programs or algorithms.
  • The new Response Screening platform lets you examine hundreds of responses at once to extract meaningful conclusions from large, messy data sets, and robust fitting options throughout JMP minimize the impact of outliers in your statistical analyses.
  • Get a new perspective on your geographic data with street-level maps.

These are just a few of the many new features and capabilities of JMP 11. Visit our New in JMP 11 Web page to learn about all the new features.

*This is a Windows-only feature.

New Release
JMP® Pro 11 Is Also Here »

JMP Pro 11We will also release a new version of JMP Pro next week. JMP Pro 11, the advanced analytics version of JMP, offers new methods for building better models with your data. Here are the highlights:

  • The Mixed Model personality in Fit Model enables you to fit a wide variety of linear models for continuous responses with complex covariance structures.
  • The Generalized Regression personality in Fit Model helps you build better predictive models in spite of your data challenges. You can now fit your data using modern regression techniques such as ridge, Lasso and the Elastic Net.
  • The Uplift modeling platform helps you find the consumer segments that are most likely to respond to an offer or treatment.
  • The Reliability Block Diagram platform enables you to model the reliability of complex systems, identify and fix weak spots, and prevent future system failures.

To read about all of these features in detail, visit our New in JMP Pro Web page.

JMP® 11 Launch Webcast
Watch John Sall Show JMP® 11 on Sept. 10 »

John SallGet your JMP 11 highlights straight from JMP creator and SAS co-founder John Sall and leaders of his software development team. Sall will be launching JMP 11 in a live webcast from Discovery Summit 2013 in San Antonio. He'll show how JMP 11 makes hard things easy when you're working with your data. Sign up today to watch live from your computer at 10 a.m. ET (7 a.m. PT) on Sept. 10.

What's New in JMP® 11
Take a One-Hour Tour of New Capabilities »

JMP 11Get more details on JMP 11 this fall by attending a live webcast. We’ve packed many (but not all) of the new tools and enhancements in JMP 11 into a one-hour demo. See the new drag-and-drop Application Builder as well as new ways to plot geospatial data, import data in Microsoft Excel, view columns, share interactive reports on mobile devices, and streamline the filtering and transformation of variables. We’ll end with how to use JMP Pro 11 for generalized regression modeling. Choose from three live webcast dates: Sept. 26Oct. 31 and Nov. 21.

Upcoming Courses
JMP Training »

Application Development Using the JMP Scripting Language
Sept. 30 - Oct. 4
Live Web

JMP Software: Statistical Process Control
Oct. 1-4
Live Web

JMP Software: Introduction to the JMP Scripting Language
Oct. 3-4
Boston, MA

JMP Software: Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis
Oct. 8-11
Live Web

JMP Software: Data Exploration
Oct. 17-18
Live Web

JMP Software: ANOVA and Regression
Oct. 22-25
Live Web

JMP Software: Classic Design of Experiments
Oct. 29 - Nov. 1
Live Web

Upcoming Titles
JMP Books »

Design and Analysis of Experiments by Douglas Montgomery: A Supplement for Using JMP
by Heath Rushing, Andrew Karl and Jim Wisnowski
(coming third quarter 2013)

Discovering Partial Least Squares with JMP
by Ian Cox and Marie Gaudard
(coming third quarter 2013)

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