Getting started with JMP® is as easy as 1, 2, 3

By installing JMP on your desktop, you’re taking the first step toward making more statistical breakthroughs and communicating them more easily across your organization. Let us help you get up and running quickly.

  1. Watch a free Getting Started webcast

    Our weekly live webcast series is perfect for JMP newcomers, or you can watch a recorded version at your convenience. After you've learned the basics, dive into our on-demand webcast library for programs that will show you how to perform a variety of statistical, data manipulation and visualization techniques in JMP.

  2. Discover help and resources in the software

    In JMP, you’ll find a rich library of sample data with scripts to perform a variety of statistical analyses. Because the best way to learn JMP is to see it in action, this collection of data from a variety of industries will lead you by example. Other resources include help files, scripting and statistics indexes, tutorials and PDFs of manuals that list all the new features in the latest version of JMP.

  3. Explore the learning library and case study library

    In our learning library, you'll find concise examples of how to perform a variety of analytics from within JMP. Each one-page guide provides a practical example, screenshots and step-by-step instructions. Download the entire library and keep it on your computer for a quick reference. Or download one of our case studies to explore real data as you learn JMP. These assets are available only in English.

Nurture your JMP® investment

Interested in more structured learning? SAS Education offers world-class JMP training courses for everyone from novices to experts. Choose the format that fits your learning style and availability. Sign up individually or in groups.