Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Plasticizer.jmp.
Click the green triangle next to the Model script in the upper left corner of the data table.
Click Run to see the response surface analysis.
Plasticizer.jmp contains a column called Pred Formula Y. This column was added after the analysis by selecting Save Columns > Prediction Formula from the Response Y red triangle.
0–50.1465*p1 – 282.198*p2 – 911.648*p3 + p2*p1*317.363 + p3*p1*1464.330 + p3*p2*1846.218
The Response Surface Solution report (Mixture Response Surface Analysis) shows that a maximum predicted value of 19.570299 occurs at point (0.63505, 0.15568, 0.20927).
Mixture Response Surface Analysis

Help created on 9/19/2017