Show MLE Parameter Estimates
In Example of Marginal Effects, the marginal probability of any subject choosing a pizza with mozzarella cheese, thick crust and pepperoni, over that same pizza with Monterey Jack cheese instead of mozzarella, is 0.9470.
Example of Marginal Effects
Shows the predicted utility for different factor settings. The utility is the value predicted by the linear model. See Find Optimal Profiles for an example of the Utility Profiler. For details about utility, see Utility and Probabilities. For details about the Utility Profiler options, see Prediction Profiler Options in the Profilers book.
Allows you to compare choice probabilities among a number of potential products. This predicted probability is defined as , where U is the utility for the current settings and Ub is the utility for the baseline settings. This implies that the probability for the baseline settings is 0.5. For details, see Utility and Probabilities.
See Comparisons to Baseline for an example of using the Probability Profiler. For details about the Probability Profiler options, see Prediction Profiler Options in the Profilers book.
Performs comparisons between specific alternative choice profiles. Enables you to select the factors and the values that you want to compare. You can compare specific configurations, including comparing all settings on the left or right by selecting the Any check boxes. If you have subject effects, you can select the levels of the subject effects to compare. Using Any does not compare all combinations across features, but rather all combinations of comparisons, one feature at a time, using the left settings as the settings for the other factors.
Utility Comparisons Window
Save Subject Estimates
Save Bayes Chain
See Redo Menusand Save Script Menusin the Using JMP book for more information about the following options:

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