This example uses the sample data table to illustrate an ordinal logistic regression. Suppose you want to model the severity of an adverse event as a function of treatment duration value.
Select Help > Sample Data Library and open
Right-click on the icon to the left of ADR SEVERITY and change the modeling type to ordinal.
Select Analyze > Fit Y by X.
Select ADR SEVERITY and click Y, Response.
Select ADR DURATION and click X, Factor.
Example of Ordinal Logistic Report
In the plot, markers for the data are drawn at their x-coordinate. When several data points appear at the same y position, the points are jittered. That is, small spaces appear between the data points so you can see each point more clearly.
For details about the Whole Model Test report and the Parameter Estimates report, see The Logistic Report. In the Parameter Estimates report, an intercept parameter is estimated for every response level except the last, but there is only one slope parameter. The intercept parameters show the spacing of the response levels. They always increase monotonically.

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