Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Pizza Responses.jmp.
Gradients by Subject for Pizza Data, Partial View
Click the green triangle next to the Hierarchical Cluster script.
Dendrogram of Subject Clusters for Pizza Data
The script runs a hierarchical cluster analysis on all columns in the gradient table, except for Subject. Click on either diamond to see that the rows have been placed into three clusters.
A new column called Cluster is added to the data table containing the gradients. Each subject has been assigned a Cluster value that is associated with other subjects having similar gradient forces. See Hierarchical Cluster in the Multivariate Methods book for a discussion of other Hierarchical Clustering options.
Select all columns except Subject and Cluster. Right-click on the selected columns and select Delete Columns.
Subject Data with Cluster Column
Click the icon to the left of the Cluster variable in the columns panel and select Ordinal.
Select Analyze > Fit Y by X.
Select Gender and click Y, Response.
Select Cluster and click X, Factor.
Contingency Analysis of Gender by Cluster

Help created on 9/19/2017