Example of a Graph That Was Created with Graph Builder
This example uses the Profit by Product.jmp data table, which contains profit data for multiple product lines.
Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Profit by Product.jmp.
Select Graph > Graph Builder.
Graph Builder Workspace
Click Quarter and then drag and drop it onto the X zone to assign Quarter as the X variable.
Click Revenue, Product Cost, and Profit, and drag and drop them onto the Y zone to assign all three variables as Y variables.
After Adding Y and X Variables
Line Plot
To create a separate chart for each product, click Product Line, and drag and drop it into the Wrap zone.
Final Line Plots
Final Line Plots shows revenue, cost, and profit broken down by product line. The business analyst was interested in seeing the difference in profitability between product lines. The line plots in Final Line Plots can provide some answers, as follows:
To remove Product Line from the graph, click the title of the graph (Product Line) and drag and drop it into any empty area within Graph Builder.
To add Channel as the wrap variable, click Channel and drag and drop it into the Wrap zone.
Line Plots Showing Sales Channels
Line Plots Showing Sales Channels provides this answer: revenue and product cost for ATMs are the highest and are growing the most quickly.

Help created on 9/19/2017