Prediction of x values from given y values. For more information, see Inverse Prediction.
Is useful only if you have several points for each x-value. In these cases, you get reasonable estimates of the rate at each value, and compare this rate with the fitted logistic curve. To prevent too many degenerate points, usually at zero or one, JMP only shows the rate value if there are at least three points at the x-value.
Produces a lift curve for the model. A lift curve shows the same information as a ROC curve, but in a way to dramatize the richness of the ordering at the beginning. The Y-axis shows the ratio of how rich that portion of the population is in the chosen response level compared to the rate of that response level as a whole. See Lift Curve in the Fitting Linear Models book for details about lift curves.
See Redo Menusand Save Script Menusin the Using JMP book for more information about the following options:

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