Select DOE > Classical > Screening Design.
In the Factors panel, click Categorical and select 4 Level.
This adds the variable X1 with levels L1 through L4.
Click Categorical and select 6 Level.
This adds the variable X2, with levels L1 through L6.
Enter 11 next to Add N Factors.
Click Continuous.
This adds 11 factors, X3 to X13, each at two levels, -1 and 1.
Click Continue.
Screening Design Window for 13-Factor Design with Design Generation Panel
Click Make Design.
Open the Design Evaluation > Color Map on Correlations outline.
The color map (Color Map on Correlations) shows red entries (using JMP default colors) on the main diagonal, indicating correlations of one. This is because each diagonal cell corresponds to the correlation of a term with itself, which is one. Off-diagonal correlations are all deep blue, indicating that correlations between distinct terms are zero. Hold your mouse pointer over any cell to see the relevant terms and their absolute correlation.
Color Map on Correlations
Click Make Table to construct the design table.

Help created on 9/19/2017