Use the Matching Column option to specify a matching (ID) variable for a matching model analysis. The Matching Column option addresses the case when the data in a one-way analysis come from matched (paired) data, such as when observations in different groups come from the same subject.
Note: A special case of matching leads to the paired t-test. The Matched Pairs platform handles this type of data, but the data must be organized with the pairs in different columns, not in different rows.
The Matching Column option performs two primary actions:
The Matching Column option automatically activates the Matching Lines option connecting the matching points. To turn the lines off, select Display Options > Matching Lines.
The Matching Fit report shows the effects with F tests. These are equivalent to the tests that you get with the Fit Model platform if you run two models, one with the interaction term and one without. If there are only two levels, then the F test is equivalent to the paired t-test.
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Help created on 9/19/2017