Shows or hides an Odds Ratios report that contains Unit Odds Ratios and Range Odds Ratios, as shown in Odds Ratios.
Odds Ratios
(Available only when the response is binary.) Finds the x value that results in a specified probability. See the appendix Statistical Details for more information about inverse prediction.
For a nominal response model with r levels, JMP creates the following columns:
columns called Lin[j] that contain a linear combination of the regressors for response levels j = 1, 2, ... r - 1
a column called Prob[r], with a formula for the fit to the last level, r
columns called Prob[j] for j < r with a formula for the fit to level j
a column called Most Likely response name that selects the most likely level of each row based on the computed probabilities.
Publish Probability Formulas

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