For an ordinal response model with r levels, JMP creates the following columns:
a column called Linear that contains the formula for a linear combination of the regressors without an intercept term
columns called Cum[j] that each contain a formula for the cumulative probability that the response is less than or equal to level j, for levels j = 1, 2, ... r - 1. There is no Cum[ j = 1, 2, ... r - 1] that is 1 for all rows
columns called Prob[ j = 1, 2, ... r - 1], for 1 < j < r that each contain the formula for the probability that the response is level j. Prob[j] is the difference between Cum[j] and Cum[j –1]. Prob[1] is Cum[1], and Prob[r] is 1–Cum[r –1].
a column called Most Likely response name that selects the most likely level of each row based on the computed probabilities.
Publish Probability Formulas
(Available only when the response is numeric and has the ordinal modeling type.) Creates a column in the current data table called Ord Expected. This column contains the linear combination of the response values with the fitted response probabilities for each row and gives the expected value.

Help created on 9/19/2017