The Matched Pairs platform compares row-by-row differences between two response columns using a paired t-test. Often, the two columns represent measurements on the same subject before and after some treatment. Alternatively, the measurements could represent data taken on the same subject with two different instruments.
Use the Split option in the Tables menu to split the column of measurements into two columns. Then you can use the Matched Pairs platform.
Note: If the data are paired, do not do a regular independent t-test. Do not stack the data into one column and use the Fit Y by X One-way ANOVA on the ID without specifying a block variable. To do this has the effect of ignoring the correlation between the responses. This causes the test to overestimate the effect if responses are negatively correlated, or to underestimate the effect if responses are positively correlated.

Help created on 9/19/2017