Maximization Options Window
Response Goal Window
(Appears when a Sigma column property exists in any of the factor and response variables.) This option displays the 3σ interval that is implied on the response due to the variation in the factor. Propagation of error (POE) is important when attributing the variation of the response in terms of variation in the factor values when the factor values are not very controllable. See Propagation of Error Bars.
Sensitivity Indicators
Factor Settings Window
	{factor1 = n1, factor2 = n2, ...}
	ProfileCallbackLog = Function({arg},show(arg));
Then enter ProfileCallbackLog in the Set Script dialog.
	ProfileCallbackAssign = Function({arg},evalList(arg));
	ProfileCallbackAccess = Function({arg},f1=arg["factor1"];f2=arg["factor2"]);

Help created on 9/19/2017