Profiler Launch Window shows an example of most Profiler launch windows.
Profiler Launch Window
The columns referenced in the formulas become the X columns (unless the column is also a Y).
The Surface Plot platform is discussed in Surface Plot . The Surface Profiler is very similar to the Surface Plot platform, except Surface Plot has more modes of operation. Neither the Surface Plot platform nor the Surface Profiler have some of the capabilities common to other profilers.
For example, when Fit Model fits a logistic regression for two levels (say A and B), the end formulas (Prob[A] and Prob[B]) are functions of the Lin[x] column, which itself is a function of another column x. If Expand Intermediate Formulas is selected, then when Prob[A] is profiled, it is with reference to x, not Lin[x].

Help created on 9/19/2017