Reliability Block Diagram Platform Options
If Show Design Comparisons is selected, this option enables you to hide or show the system diagram in the Workspace.
Show Design Comparisons
The Show Design Comparisons option displays a Distribution Overlay plot and a Remaining Life Distribution Overlay plot. These plots appear in the Workspace below the System Diagram. See Distribution Overlay Example and Remaining Life Distribution Overlay Example.
Tip: To hide the system diagram in the Workspace, from the Reliability Block Diagram red triangle menu, deselect Show Design Diagram. Alternatively, to show more of the Design Comparisons, reposition the horizontal splitter upward.
Distribution Overlay Example
Remaining Life Distribution Overlay Example
Add a New Design Item
The New Design Item option adds a new system design to the Designs panel list.
Add a New Library Item
The New Library Item option adds a new sub-system to the Library panel list.

Help created on 9/19/2017