The scatterplot is the simplest of all the multiple-variable graphs. Use scatterplots to determine the relationship between two continuous variables and to discover whether two continuous variables are correlated. Correlation indicates how closely two variables are related. When you have two variables that are highly correlated, one might influence the other. Or, both might be influenced by other variables in a similar way.
Example of a Scatterplot
This example uses the data table, which contains sales figures and the number of employees of a group of companies.
Select Help > Sample Data Library and open
Select Analyze > Fit Y by X.
Select Sales ($M) and Y, Response.
Select # Employ and X, Factor.
Fit Y by X Window
Scatterplot of Sales ($M) versus # Employ
Select Rows > Hide and Exclude. The data point is hidden and no longer included in calculations.
To re-create the plot without the outlier, select Redo > Redo Analysis from the red triangle menu for Bivariate. You can close the original report window.
Scatterplot with the Outlier Removed
Place Your Mouse Pointer Over a Point

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