The initial results of a bootstrap analysis appear in a stacked results table (Stacked Bootstrap Results Table). This table might not appear if you have selected the Discard Stacked Table if Split Works option. Stacked Bootstrap Results Table shows a bootstrap table that is based on the Parameter Estimates report obtained by fitting a Bivariate model in Fit Y by X to Car Physical See Overview of Bootstrapping.
Stacked Bootstrap Results Table
There is a column for every column in the report table that you are bootstrapping. In this example, the columns are ~Bias, Estimate, Std Error, t Ratio, and Prob>|t|. Note that ~Bias is a column in the Fit Y by X report that is hidden unless one of the parameter estimates is biased.
The BootID• column identifies the bootstrap sample. The rows where BootID• = 0 correspond to the original estimates. Those rows are marked with an X and have the excluded row state. In this example, each bootstrap sample is used to calculate results for two rows: the results for Intercept and the results for Displacement.
If you selected the Split Selected Column option, an unstacked results table might also appear. See Unstacked Bootstrap Results Table.

Help created on 9/19/2017