Note: The Failure Plot option replaces the Reverse Y Axis option found in older versions of JMP (which is still available in scripts).
Note: The first seven options (Show Points, Show Kaplan Meier, Show Combined, Show Confid Interval, Show Simultaneous CI, Show Shaded Pointwise CI, and Show Shaded Simultaneous CI) and the last two options (Fitted Survival CI, Fitted Failure CI) pertain to the initial survival plot and failure plot. The other five (Midstep Quantile Points, Connect Quantile Points, Fitted Quantile, Fitted Quantile CI Lines, Fitted Quantile CI Shaded) pertain only to the distributional plots.
When you select Show Points and Show Combined, the survival plot for the total or combined sample appears as a gray line. The points also appear at the plot steps of each group.
Changes the plotting positions to use the modified Kaplan-Meier plotting positions, which are equivalent to taking mid-step positions of the Kaplan-Meier curve, rather than the bottom-of-step positions. This option is recommended, so it is on by default.

Help created on 9/19/2017