The Variance Components option models the variation from measurement to measurement. The response is assumed to be a constant mean plus random effects associated with various levels of the classification.
Note: Once you select the Variance Components option, if you did not select the Model Type in the launch window (if you selected Decide Later), you are prompted to select the model type. For more information about model types, see Launch the Variability/Attribute Gauge Chart Platform.
Example of the Variance Components Report
From the launch window, click Analysis Settings to choose the method for computing variance components.
Analysis Settings Window
Chooses the best analysis from EMS or REML, using the same logic as the Choose best analysis (EMS, REML, or Bayesian) option. However, this option never uses the Bayesian method, even for negative variance components. The bounded REML method is used and any negative variance component is forced to be 0.

Help created on 9/19/2017