Click the Response Y red triangle and select Factor Profiling > Contour Profiler.
For Increment, type 1.
Contour Profiler with Crosshairs at Critical Point
Linking the Contour Profiler to the Prediction Profiler links the Current X values in the Contour Profiler to the X values shown in the Prediction Profiler. The X values in the Prediction Profiler give the critical point where Y is minimized. The crosshairs in the Contour Profiler show the critical point. Notice that the Current Y value is 54.177592, the predicted minimum value according to the Prediction Profiler.
In the Contour Profiler report, under Current X, type -0.3 next to X1 and -0.5 next to X2.
Contour Profiler Showing X1 = -0.3 and X2 = -0.5

Help created on 9/19/2017