If you have data with zero failures (right-centered) and you have not turned off the preference Weibayes Only for Zero Failure Data, a special Weibayes report appears. Weibayes Report shows the Weibayes report for the Weibayes No Failures.jmp sample data table, found in the Reliability folder.
Weibayes Report
To obtain Weibayes estimates, make sure that Weibayes and Weibull β options are selected. Change the Weibull β value and click Update. The estimates and profilers are updated. The values shown in the profilers use the conservative confidence bound. For an example, see Weibayes Example for Data with No Failures.
Note: To conduct Bayesian inference using the usual Life Distribution options when you have zero-failure data, deselect the Weibayes Only for Zero Failure Data preference and relaunch the analysis.

Help created on 9/19/2017