To add a variable to a drop zone, click and drag the column name from the Variables box and drop it into the desired drop zone. Alternatively, you can highlight the column name in the Variables box and click in the desired drop zone. Both numeric and categorical variables can be added to all of the drop zones.
Related Information 
Grouping variable labels can be relocated to another position on the graph. The Group X labels can be either on the top or the bottom of the graph. The Group Y labels can be either on the right or the left of the graph.
To relocate a Group X label, right-click on the variable in the Group X zone and select X Group Edge > Top or Bottom.
To relocate a Group Y label, right-click on the variable in the Group Y zone and select Y Group Edge > Left or Right.
When you add a categorical variable to the Group X or Group Y zone, a partition is created for each level of the variable.
When you add a continuous variable to a grouping zone, Graph Builder uses quantiles of the data to divide the variable into five groups. Once the variable is added to the display, you can change the number of groups as follows: