JMP Table with Survey Choice Sets and Responses
Click the Choice script in the Laptop Design sample data table and select Run Script to analyze that data with the Choice modeling platform from the Analyze menu.
When you run the Choice model script, the Choice launch dialog shown in Choice Model Fitting Dialog appears. The Choice dialog is designed to cover a variety of choice survey results, which can include data saved in multiple data tables. This example has all data contained in a single table. For details about using the Choice analysis dialog, see the Choice platform chapter in the Consumer Research book.
Choice Model Fitting Dialog
Click Run Model on the Choice model fitting dialog.
To design the final choice survey using prior information, you will need to enter estimates of the mean and variance of the attribute parameter estimates. The analysis on the top in Analysis of the sample Laptop Survey has estimates of the attribute means, called Estimate, and estimates of the standard deviation of the attributes, called Std Error. An easy way to see the variance of the attributes is to capture the analysis in a JMP table and compute the variance:
Right click on the Parameter Estimates report and choose Make into Data Table from the menu, as shown.
In the new Untitled data table, create a new column and call it Var.
Select Formula from the Cols menu (Cols > Formula), or right-click at the top of the Var column and select Formula for the menu that shows.
In the Formula Editor, click the Std Error column in the column list and click the exponent button () on the formula editor panel to compute the variance shown on the right in Analysis of the sample Laptop Survey.
Analysis of the sample Laptop Survey
Note: Leave the Untitled data table with the mean and variance information open to be used in the next example.