The individual plot options are the same as those in the Y Options submenu at the platform level. See Y Options.
Displays a single overlaid chart when you have more than one Y (statistics) variable. Each statistic can be assigned a different type of chart (such as line and bar) and overlaid in a single plot. Overlay is selected by default. The axis notation only shows for the last chart displayed if the charts are not overlaid. When Overlay is not selected, the platform shows duplicate axis notation for each chart.
Changes horizontal charts to vertical charts (Vertical), or vertical charts to horizontal charts (Horizontal). Affects all charts in the report. Pie charts are converted to bar chats.
Stacks the bars from levels of a subgroup end-to-end. To use this option, you need two Categories, X, Levels variables and a statistic. See Create a Stacked Bar Chart, for an example of stacking bars.
Contains the options described in Y Options. To apply these options to a single Y variable, highlight that variable in the legend first.
Attaches labels to your plots. In the Label Options menu, the first two options (Show Labels and Remove Labels) turn labels on and off. The last three options (Label by Value, Label by Percent of Total Values, Label By Row) specify what label should appear. Only one label can be shown at a time. Label options are also available by right-clicking in the chart.
The following section describes the Y Options submenu. These commands apply to all Y variables, unless you have a legend level highlighted, then they apply to only the highlighted Y variable.
Replaces a bar chart with a line chart and connects each point with a straight line. Select the Show Points option to show or hide the points. Line Chart is also available as a platform option, which then applies to all charts at once.
Replaces each bar with a line drawn from the axis to the plotted value. Needle Chart is also available as a platform option, which then applies to all charts at once.
Assigns a color to statistics (y-axis) to identify them in overlaid charts.