Contour Profiler
The Current X values generate the Current Y values. The Current X location is shown by the crosshair lines on the graph. The Current Y values are shown by the small red lines in the slider control.
The other lines on the graph are the contours for the responses set by the Y slider controls or by entering values in the Contour column. There is a separately colored contour for each response (4 in this example).
You can enter low and high limits to the responses, which results in a shaded region. To set the limits, you can click and drag from the side zones of the Y sliders or enter values in the Lo Limit or Hi Limit columns. If a response column’s Spec Limits column property has values for Lower Spec Limit or Upper Spec Limit, those values are used as the initial values for Lo Limit and Hi Limit.
Right-click the slider control and select Rescale Slider to change the scale of the slider (and the plot for an active X variable).