After you click OK on the launch window, the Spec Limits window appears if any of the columns do not contain limits and you did not select No (skip columns with no spec limits) on the launch window. The Spec Limits window also appears if you select Yes on the launch window. Spec Limits Window for shows the Spec Limits window for the sample data table after selecting OZONE, CO, SO2, and NO as Process variables in the launch window. Enter the known specification limits and click OK to view the Process Capability report.
Spec Limits Window for
You can also specify a limits data table with the Load spec limits from data table option from the Spec Limits window. Click the Select Data Table button and then select the appropriate data table that contains the specification limits for the analysis. After you select the appropriate limits table, the values populate the window. Click OK to view the Process Capability report.
A limits data table can be in two different formats: tall or wide. A tall limits data table has one column for the responses and the limits key words are the other columns. A wide limits data table has a column for each response with one column to label the limits keys. Either of these formats can be read using the Load spec limits from data table option. Tall Specification Limits Table shows an example of a tall specification limits data table.
Tall Specification Limits Table
A wide table contains three rows and one column for each column analyzed in the Process Capability platform plus a _LimitsKey column. In the _LimitsKey column, the three rows need to contain the identifiers _LSL, _USL, and _Target.
The easiest way to create a limits data table is to save results computed by the Process Capability platform. The Save Spec Limits option in the Process Capability red triangle menu automatically saves limits from the sample values. After entering or loading the specification limits, you can do the following:
Save the limits to the data table by selecting Save Spec Limits as Column Properties.
When you perform a capability analysis, you do not have to re-specify the limits each time. Use the Column Properties > Spec Limits property in a data table to save specification limits as a column property. Saving these limits in a column also facilitates consistency each time you run an analysis. For example, you might run an analysis that uses these limits. When you come back later and change the data, you can run a new analysis on the new data using the same limits. Spec Limits Section of the Column Properties Window displays the Spec Limits section of the Column Properties window for OZONE in the sample data table
Spec Limits Section of the Column Properties Window