This example uses the Semiconductor sample data table. The variables represent standard measurements a semiconductor manufacturer might make on a wafer as it is being processed. Specification limits for the variables have been entered in the data table through the Column Properties > Spec Limits property.
Open the Semiconductor sample data table.
Select Analyze > Quality and Process > Capability.
Select PNP1, PNP2, NPN2, PNP3, IVP1, PNP4, NPN3, and IVP2, and click Y, Columns.
Example Launch Window for Semiconductor
Example Results for Semiconductor
The Goal Plot in Example Results for Semiconductor shows the spec-normalized mean shift on the x-axis, and the spec-normalized standard deviation on the y-axis for each variable. Hold your cursor over each point to view the variable name. Note that PNP1, PNP3, IVP1, and IVP2 are outside of the goal line and possibly out of specification.