Tip: If you deselect the Archive all files and folders when project is saved option, only the path name is saved in the project. If changes are made to linked files, they may not be updated, and links may be broken. For information about using this option, see Save a JMP Project.
To create a new project, click on the black book icon in the Projects pane. Or, select File > New > Project. The new project appears in the Projects pane of the JMP Home Window. If the Projects pane is closed, the Project window appears instead.
JMP Home Window with Projects Pane
To name the project, right-click the project name, select Rename, enter the name, and then press ENTER.
Select the project name and click the Save Selected Project button on the Projects window toolbar.
When you save a project, JMP creates a compressed file with the .jmpprj extension and saves a copy of each item in the project. If you make subsequent changes, the archived copy is modified rather than the original source. Other JMP users on Windows and Mac can then open the project on their computers, and the links remain intact.
The project has a link to the C:\MyDataTables folder.
C:\MyProjects\Project Name Dependencies\C\MyDataTables
On Windows, open a project by selecting File > Open and selecting JMP Projects from the list next to File name. The file also shows up in the JMP Home Window Recent Files list if you previously opened it with the File > Open command or the Open toolbar button.
On Macintosh, open a project by selecting File > Open and selecting the file. Though there is no project window on Macintosh, the files that are set to open or run automatically appear.
To add items using the Project menu, right-click on the project name in the Projects window and select the desired command.
Right-click each file that you want to open or run and select Restore this item when the project is opened. The name of the options depends on the file type. For documents, the option is named Restore this document when the project is opened. For windows, the option is named Restore this window when the project is opened.
Right-click the project name and select When project is reopened > Restore only marked items. (This is the default project setting.)
Note: Be careful setting all items to open automatically. When you add a folder full of files, opening all of those files might cause a delay.
Adding a group to a project lets you organize files into collapsible and expandable containers. To add a new group, right-click on the project and select New Group. You can add files by right-clicking on the new group, or you can drag and drop existing files into the group.
JMP enables you to add descriptive notes about a project. Select the Edit Notes command from the Project menu to add or edit a project’s notes. The notes are shown in the project properties. Right-click the project name and select Properties to view the notes.
Click No on the broken link warning window.